Benefit for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Benefit for Nepal Earthquake Victims 8

Local residents donated nearly $39,000 to Nepalese earthquake relief efforts. True Nature Healing Arts, Sustainable Settings, the Missing Link Band, KDNK, Gould Construction and others pulled a gala fundraiser together within days of the quake.

Our Worldly Corner of the Globe

Our Worldly Corner of the Globe

A friend recently asked me how I plan the issue themes for Roaring Fork Lifestyle. The answer is – I don’t! They always come as happy surprises.

Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Companion Animal

Recently, Roaring Fork Lifestyle sat down with Dr. Louise Marron and Dr. Chuck Maker of Alpine Animal Hospital to talk about how these two experienced veterinarians help clients make end-of-life decisions about companion animals.

Dean Bowlby

Dean Bowlby

Roaring Fork Lifestyle recently interviewed Glenwood Springs artist Dean Bowlby, whose paintings are exhibited all over the world.

July 2015 Around Town

July 2015 Around Town 2

The 2 Rivers Art Project (2RAP), which is now eight years young, is beautifying downtown Glenwood Springs with outdoor art. Early this summer, 2RAP installed five new pieces of public art, all created by Colorado artists. It also relocated six previously installed pieces to accommodate the Grand Avenue bridge project. Thanks to 2RAP, 18 pieces of public art are now displayed in front of Glenwood’s Center for the Arts, along 7th, 8th and 9th Streets, at the Glenwood Springs Library and in other landmark spots.

Roaring Fork Golf Classic

Roaring Fork Golf Classic 5

Nearly 100 players took to the links for the Roaring Fork Charity Classic golf tournament, held in May at the Roaring Fork Club. The event raised $45,000 for the Basalt Education Foundation. Photos by Alex Irvin Photography.

Gardening to Resist Deer and Elk

Gardening to Resist Deer and Elk

Mule deer and elk have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for hundreds of years, and as human populations rise, they are forced to live in close proximity to people. Many of us enjoy seeing these beautiful animals bedded down in our back yards, but they can inflict considerable damage on plants and gardens.

Saving Lives Half a World Away In Kenya

Saving Lives Half a World Away In Kenya 2

On a crisp spring morning, anglers wade into the Roaring Fork River. The squawks of blue jays and sparrows overlay a peaceful soundscape until the rumble of an emergency helicopter emerges, shaking the valley walls as it descends to the community hospital.

The Making of “The High Cost of Cheap Gas”

The Making of "The High Cost of Cheap Gas" 4

I work in the Karoo Desert, a semi-desert area that spans South Africa and Botswana, but I grew up on Colorado’s Western Slope, where residents have faced the oil and gas industry drilling for the last 25 years.
When gas drilling was proposed near my home in South Africa, I began to hear many of the same arguments that had been used on my Colorado community 20 years ago.

Blessed Down to Our Bones

Blessed Down to Our Bones 1

Last summer, my six-year-old buddy Sam Stableford spotted a foot-long bone in my garden. “What’s that?” he asked.
“It’s a bone.”
“Where did it come from?”
“From a cow.”
I offered it to him. He fingered it gingerly. “Did the cow die?”

Shot on Location

Shot on Location 1

It seems that the Roaring Fork Valley has always been ready for its closeup.
Like cinematic outlaws of long ago, films have been “shot” on location here for decades. With dramatic peaks, sparkling rivers, picturesque valleys and an iconic Rocky Mountain landscape, it’s no surprise that Hollywood came knocking soon after this area was settled. Over a century later, films are still being shot locally and sparking the imaginations of moviegoers worldwide.

Enjoy Summer, Enjoy Music!

Enjoy Summer, Enjoy Music! 1

This valley is unique in offering free music in each community, especially in the summer months. Music has been known to change a person’s mood, affect memory, creativity and even how we learn. It is thought to link all of the emotional, spiritual, and physical elements of the universe — which probably makes the Roaring Fork Valley the center of the universe. Because whatever your music preference is, you are sure to find it right here and in our Lifestyle calendar: funk, jazz, bluegrass, rock, blues, classical, Cajun, country and alternative.

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed about summer

A menagerie of summer delights...

June is the time to celebrate all things bright and beautiful – the sun, our gardens, summer concerts – as well as all creatures great and small.

June 2015 Publisher’s Letter

After having a serious auto repair problem that turned out not to be so serious after all, this seems like a great time to give our business community in the Valley a little shout-out.

Imagine 3 Benefit

Imagine 3 Benefit 5

Imagine 3, a annual culinary, musical and dancing extravaganza that benefits River Bridge Regional Center, was held in April. Food Network Star Susie Jimenez served many of her delicacies to the happy crowd. Photos by Tracy Trulove

YouthZone Recognizes Volunteers, Supporters and Partners

YouthZone Recognizes Volunteers, Supporters and Partners 6

Recognizing that it takes a village to raise kids with confidence and respect, YouthZone recognized its volunteers, supporters and partners at their annual recognition reception in April. Photos by Vicky Nash

Wind Walkers: Healing with Horses

It’s quiet – silent enough to hear the soil sifting off the horses’ hooves during lulls in the conversation. As two riders and three staffers move around the indoor arena, instructions and laughter punctuate the calm. The parentheses of my mount’s fuzzy roan ears, attuned to every nuance, follow the sounds as Anne’s mare nickers and is answered by horses in the paddocks outside.

June 2015 Around Town

June 2015 Around Town 4

For the past 10 years, the founding parents and teachers at Ross Montessori Charter School (RMS) have envisioned a new building for the school of their dreams. They recently broke ground for that new school. The school will be located near the intersection of Highway 133 and Weant Boulevard in Carbondale.

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo

Carbondale Wild West Rodeo 8

Settle your britches in the stands for the Carbondale Wild West rodeo any Thursday night between June 4 and August 20 and you’ll see bronc bustin’, calf ropin’, mutton bustin’, barrel racing and bull riding, of course.

Habitat for Humanity Saves Energy

Habitat for Humanity Saves Energy 2

As Habitat for Humanity is expanding into its second ReStore in Basalt, it is again turning to the Holy Cross Energy electric co-op and its We Care energy efficiency program for help. A lighting upgrade done at the Habitat ReStore on Highway 82 in 2013 netted a 66 percent savings in energy use and inspired the new retrofit. 

Gardening for Hummingbirds

Have you heard that distinctive buzz in your garden? The sound that announces that the hummingbirds are back?

A Message from the Heart

One Sunday morning, I set out to climb an easy mountain in the Rocky Mountain National Park with a group of women I know. I was a little more tired than usual having spent the proceeding day in a learn-to-canoe class and in doing some weight-lifting as part of my exercise routine.