After having a serious auto repair problem that turned out not to be so serious after all, this seems like a great time to give our business community in the Valley a little shout-out.

This is not Denver or the Front Range. Granted, the Front Range has thousands of small businesses, but very few of them have the small-town friendliness seen here in the Roaring Fork Valley. Try as they might, businesses in large metro areas have a difficult time remembering the names of businesses across the street, much less the names of their own customers. Urban areas simply don’t offer an environment that allows for the close personal relationships or the service we see here daily in our incredible Valley.

The Roaring Fork Valley is filled with small businesses, and most of them are locally owned. Even those that are affiliated with big national concerns operate a little differently; they are places where the owner and staff know your name, are happy to see you and treat you fairly. They often give us free advice and free services, just as Jimmy did when I recently came into Jimmy’s 66 in Glenwood, thinking I had a big, expensive repair in the works. Turned out that the problem was a loose gas cap and what was needed was a good wrench and some better advice. (Thank you, Jimmy!)

This is our seventh issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle. People have been stopping me and my editor, Nicolette, on the street and in stores to tell us what a beautiful publication it is. Readers are writing to tell us that we have provided our community with a true local’s magazine, and each month it just gets better. Our advertisers, those local businesses I just mentioned, are also sending us great testimonials.

It’s a great feeling, because that’s just what I wanted to accomplish in starting the magazine. Thanks for being a part of it!