Art Around Town

Art Around Town 16

The Carbondale Public Arts Commission premiered 14 new sculptures during the Art Around Town Walk in June. Many sculptors were on hand to discuss their work, which will be on display for the next year.

August 2015 Around Town

August 2015 Around Town 2

“Ernesto,” the magnificent buffalo that has kept watch over Carbondale’s Main Street for the past year, has become a true local. Voted “Best of Show” in the Carbondale Public Arts Commission’s 2014 Art aRound Town exhibition, Ernesto now has the job of welcoming everyone to town as he resides permanently on Highway 133.

August 2015 Publisher’s Letter

August 2015 Publisher's Letter

Each morning, I head to the west-facing window in my home to see what the weather holds. Today appears to be a great day. As I look over the Roaring Fork River, I see that all the incredible snow pack we piled up in the last six weeks of winter – most of it right after the ski resorts closed – is rushing down the river. We’ve had a near-record runoff, flood alerts and warnings for all but the most experienced commercial rafters to stay off the rivers.

Tuck into some juicy summer reading…

Tuck into some juicy summer reading...

Years ago, when I was introducing my West Coast husband to Colorado, I arranged several vacation trips to the Western Slope and the San Luis Valley. I didn’t want him to think that Denver and the Front Range were all that my home state had to offer.

Beer: A Sparkling Ingredient for Favorite Recipes

Beer: A Sparkling Ingredient for Favorite Recipes 1

Home to more than 230 established breweries, Colorado is a craft-beer-lover’s dream come true. In fact, more than 10 percent of the nation’s craft breweries can be found in Colorado – astonishing, considering that less than two percent of the country’s population lives here.

Heritage Fruit Tree Project

Heritage Fruit Tree Project 2

Last fall, when Jimmy Dula was on his way to Julie Grange’s home near the Hotel Colorado, he began to get excited. Many trees in the neighborhood grew in straight rows, as if planted for a long-ago orchard. And here in the Roaring Fork Valley, pear trees are fairly rare.
“They were really old, nice trees, and the pears were delicious,” says Dula, who serves as fundraising manager for the Heritage Fruit Tree Project. “We wondered if there was once an orchard there for the hotel kitchen, or what was the deal? No one knows.”

Basalt Makes Guinness Book of Records

Basalt Makes Guinness Book of Records 12

Basalt entered the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the world’s largest painting completed by feet only. Everyone and his dog pitched in to complete the 21,752.83-square-foot artwork.

Building a Waterfall in Your Yard

Building a Waterfall  in Your Yard 1

Roaring Fork Lifestyle recently spoke to landscape expert Mitch Gianinetti about what it takes to build a waterfall. Gianinetti, founder of Spring Creek Land and Waterscapes, has built dozens of waterfalls and landscapes throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.

What’s SUP?

What's SUP?

Stand up paddle-boarding (SUP) is an outdoor water adventure that delivers excitement, balance, ease and confidence. Not much equipment is needed, and what’s needed can easily fit in a car: an inflatable paddle board, a paddle, a helmet (for river riding), a personal floatation device and “gripe” water shoes.

Western Singer/Songwriter Jim Hawkins

Western Singer/Songwriter Jim Hawkins 1

Probably the most notable song Jim Hawkins has written is a tribute to the 14 firefighters who were killed battling the 1994 Storm King Mountain fire. Subtitled “When Hell’s Fire Broke Through,” the song and video has garnered more 10,000 views on YouTube and was shown on the fire’s 20th anniversary at Carbondale’s Crystal Theatre.

A CAT Scanner That Scans Cats & Dogs

A CAT Scanner That Scans Cats & Dogs 4

Not long ago, Dr. John Kuck was asked to take a look at a friend’s dog. The dog – we’ll call her Blue – was having difficulty breathing, and the side of Blue’s face was a bit swollen. “That’s usually a dental abcess,” says Kuck. “So I aspirated the swelling and sent a sample to the lab. But the lab results indicated a giant cell epulis, which is a rare kind of tumor.”

B & H: Building on a Handshake

B & H: Building on a Handshake 5

Over the past 20 years, Brad Faber and Hans Raaflaub of B & H General Contractors have built more than beautiful homes, commercial spaces and community buildings: they’ve also built a solid reputation.

Peachy Keen on the Western Slope Harvest

Peachy Keen on the Western Slope Harvest

I have to start by flat-out admitting that I’m a snob when it comes to peaches. In my opinion, you won’t find anything that comes close to the peaches grown on the Western Slope of Colorado.