Minds to match mountains.

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When I moved home to Colorado in 2011, I heard a radio ad for my alma mater which ended with the tagline, “minds to match mountains”. The phrase stuck in my head because I do think that a childhood spent exploring nature and mountaineering builds a certain resilience, and for me, becoming one of the first female graduates of Outward Bound in Marble – way back when – was definitely a rite of passage.

12th Annual Antique Car Show

12th Annual Antique Car Show 11

The Grand River Classic Car Show, sponsored by The Valley Cruisers and the Glenwood Springs Car Club, featured everything from a tin lizzy to hot red convertibles, a classic trailer and a vintage police cruiser. Photography by Christie Carver

Growing Up in a Small Town

August 2015 Publisher's Letter

My sister and I lived for five wonderful years on my grandparents’ farm. My first school experience was a one-room rural school house complete with a bell that hung outside the front door. The teacher would ring that bell when recess was over. I had 14 classmates, kindergarten though fourth grade.

September 2015 Around Town

September 2015 Around Town 6

A celebration that includes poetry, spoken word, singing and musical performances will take place at the new public sculpture installations around Carbondale during the second Annual LIT (Literature in Town) Crawl on October 1. The LIT Crawl is sponsored by the Carbondale Public Library and begins at 4 p.m.

Mountain Fair

Mountain Fair 16

Carbondale’s Mountain Fair drew around 20,000 happy people. Sponsored by the Carbondale Council for Arts & Humanities (CCAH), the fair included three days of music, art and performances.

Iron Mountain Grand Opening

Iron Mountain Grand Opening 10

The new Iron Mountain Hot Springs Spa offers 16 mineral hot springs pools and an 86,000-gallon freshwater family pool. Locals have already discovered its discounted evening soak; get the skinny at IronMountainHotSprings.com.

Helping Young Adults to Find Purpose, Passion and Right Livelihood

Helping Young Adults to Find  Purpose, Passion and Right Livelihood 5

The confident young chef shown on this magazine’s cover has good reason to smile. “I love to bake and I figured that if I love something so much, and could make a living doing it, I would never have to work a day in my life,” says Delaney Passmore. “How many people can say they make delicious desserts all day for work?”

How to Raise a Successful Adult

How to Raise a Successful Adult

“Helicopter parents” – moms and dads who hover, schedule their kids’ every move and bail them out when problems arise – are so common today we’ve had to invent a term to describe them.

Ten “Bucket-List” Best Family Hikes

Ten "Bucket-List" Best Family Hikes 3

Hiking is a great family activity, and nearby in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys, you can find trails of every level. Read the trail head signs as they offer history, trail information, folklore and education. You can pose questions for your kids based on the signs, or with a little planning, you can create a scavenger hunt along the trail to make the trip educational.

Word’s Out on Best-Kept Local Fashion Secret: Bellini’s

Word’s Out on Best-Kept Local Fashion Secret: Bellini’s 5

Check out Bellini’s reviews on Yelp, and you will discover that tourists have long delighted in the store’s selection of casual, functional and elegant fashions – even if many locals have been in the dark. For example, Glen M. from Santa Monica wrote, “Wandered into Bellini’s while on a weekend trip with my fiancee and we got lost in there for over an hour. While she was trying on every other thing in the store, I had a wonderful conversation with the owner. Very inviting, a plethora of clothing and ridiculously low price points for a specialty shop connected to the hotel…”

America’s Fastest Growing Sport – PICKLEBALL!

America’s Fastest Growing Sport – PICKLEBALL! 6

Bonnie Scott smashes a perforated yellow ball across the net to her dad, Russ Mineo. He hammers it back. On the sidelines, seven-year-old Towler, the family’s third generation, practices a few shots of his own.

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion 1

Innocence. Self-realization. Understanding. Pain. Passion. These are just a handful of big concerns that a group of young poets in the Roaring Fork Valley explored over the summer.

R.I.P. – The Tucker Automobile

R.I.P. - The Tucker Automobile 1

When I was a teenager, my parents took us to an automobile museum near Detroit. The car that fascinated me the most was the Tucker automobile. The futuristic design of the Tucker caught my attention.

How Local Police Prepare for Festivals

How Local Police Prepare for Festivals 2

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the big festivals happening in this valley’s small towns is how little happens, at least from a law enforcement point of view.

Seeing Nature

Seeing  Nature

I vividly remember when I learned that my grandfather was becoming blind. Macular degeneration had destroyed all but his peripheral vision, and to see me when we spoke, he looked away from me. It was an eerie experience for a young boy. As grandfather’s vision disappeared, his precious wood-carving tools began to gather dust in the basement and his well-loved books sat silent on their shelves.



The fabled Hotel Denver celebrates its 100th birthday on October 17.
For 72 of those years, it has been owned by local families. Since 1991, it has been owned by April and Steven Carver, who have earned the number one ranking among the 23 Glenwood Springs hotels reviewed online at TripAdvisor.com.