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When I moved home to Colorado in 2011, I heard a radio ad for my alma mater which ended with the tagline, “minds to match mountains”. The phrase stuck in my head because I do think that a childhood spent exploring nature and mountaineering builds a certain resilience, and for me, becoming one of the first female graduates of Outward Bound in Marble – way back when – was definitely a rite of passage.

This issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle includes several stories about growing up in the Roaring Fork Valley. Here you will find kids climbing with their mom, frequent contributor Andrea Palm-Porter, who shares ten favorite local hikes, and a three-generation family joining the swelling ranks of the nation’s pickleball players.

A Facebook posting by Carolyn Watt Williams, a Lifestyle contributor and local college counselor, prompted the editorial staff to ask Carolyn to share deeper thoughts about a book on helicopter parenting. That, in turn, lead us to look at what’s being done to help local young people make the transition from youths to young adults. Thus, in these pages, you will find intriguing articles about YouthEntity’s internship programs and about how First Word, a program affiliated with Aspen Words, is helping young poets to express themselves and find their own voices.

In this issue, you will also enjoy reading about the history leading to the Hotel Denver’s centennial and learn how local police forces collaborate to keep the lid on big festivals in our small towns. You will enjoy some delightful photos from Mountain Fair and  the 12th annual Grand River Classic Car show, and you will discover how two very different churches are putting down roots in Carbondale.

It’s a pleasure to live here, nestled among lofty mountains whose summits hide in the clouds. It’s fortunate that our valleys are peopled with teachers, artists, naturalists and professionals whose heads are not in the clouds. It’s their down-to-earth efforts that build our communities and fill them with minds to match mountains.