Aspen Rotary Club’s 24th Annual Ducky Derby

Aspen Rotary Club’s 24th Annual Ducky Derby 10

More than 33,000 rubber duckies raced down the Roaring Fork, a fundraiser for local youth groups, scholarships and international aid. Top finisher Allison Kanders took home a $10,000 prize. Bennett Bramson of Basalt sold the winning duck, his sixth winner in 10 years.

Glitz & Glamour at Thunder River Theatre

Glitz & Glamour at Thunder River Theatre 6

In August, the Thunder River Theatre Company’s Glitz and Glamour fundraiser featured both theater folks and guests in Roaring Twenties costumes. The benefit celebrated TRTC’s 20th anniversary and raised funds for the theater’s ongoing programs.

“Where Can I Get a Copy of the Roaring Fork Magazine?

August 2015 Publisher's Letter

I am happy to say that we have extended our monthly direct mail list to 11,000 homes and businesses in the Roaring Fork Valley. We reach 90 percent of single-family homeowners here each month with a fresh issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle.

Capture the magic with a camera.

Tuck into some juicy summer reading...

The chicken on this month’s cover looks a bit quizzical, and why not? He’s wondering whether the creature taking his picture is old enough to know which button to push. The person behind the camera was 10-year-old Seychelle Singh, who is quite accomplished.

Valle Musico Lays Down a Danceable Groove

Valle Musico Lays Down a Danceable Groove

This month, Valle Musico will be playing at the Pumpkin Jazz and Roots Festival in Basalt. If you haven’t heard this local guitar-based world music quintet – or even if you have – you might want to catch that October 17 performance.

Carbondale’s Sculpture Bases Signify International Goodwill

Carbondale’s Sculpture Bases Signify International Goodwill 1

The sun twinkled over 14 inches of new snow as I arrived in Marble along with four other members of the Carbondale Public Arts Commission (CPAC). We were there to view the mining operations of RED Graniti, the Italian company that has been running the quarries for the past two years. Although the mines had been closed for three days due to avalanche danger, General Manager Daniele Treves was unfazed. He handed out hard hats and mukluks and piled us into four-wheel drive vehicles.

October 2015 Around Town

October 2015 Around Town 2

October 2015 marks the 100th birthday of the Hotel Denver in downtown Glenwood Springs. “Go out leaf peeping and enjoy the color, and then come by and enjoy some local color,” says April Carver, who owns the hotel with her husband Steven. “If the walls of this place could talk, they would tell stories of immigrant struggles, prohibition, gangsters, two world wars and a shooting or two.”

2nd Annual Shindig

2nd Annual Shindig 6

The Mount Sopris Historical Society fundraiser featured barbecue, music, dancing and a visit from Hattie Thompson, as interpreted by a local actress. Interesting artifacts and historical photos decorated the River Valley Ranch barn.

Cameras Catch What Goes Bump in the Night

Cameras Catch What  Goes Bump in the Night 6

Ken Krehbiel is a photographer who does most of his work in bed – asleep. His cameras are often miles away, unnoticed, except by a curious bear or a passing mountain lion. His subjects are usually unaware that their pictures are being taken. None of them complains about an invasion of privacy.

R.J. Paddywacks

R.J. Paddywacks 4

For Eric Berry, the owner of R.J. Paddywacks’ Pet Supply, his parents’ keeshound and two sickly golden retrievers acquired during college provided an impetus for learning about pet nutrition. “The goldens suffered from incontinence, kidney failure, malnutrition, all kinds of problems,” he recalls. “There weren’t a lot of tools then. I did find one food that was better than what the grocery store offered, but the choices were few. The good part was that I learned about needing to supplement the body’s systems with good nutrition.”

Tell Me Your Story and I Will Listen

Tell Me Your Story and I Will Listen 3

“All Who Enter Here Will Find Love,” reads a sign hanging outside the River Bridge Regional Center in Glenwood Springs.
These days, there is a little more love inside the homelike walls of the nonprofit’s facility on 21st Street. The nationally accredited advocacy center for abused and neglected children recently welcomed a new member to their team. This employee is specially trained to show the most vulnerable young members of our community a special kind of love: the slobbery, snuggly, canine kind.

Creative Acts

Creative Acts

My earliest adventures in art read like a baby boomer’s TV guide. I began with “Winky-Dink,” an interactive show, in which viewers drew the starry hero to safety on a magic screen. I colored by number with luscious, Venus Paradise pencils. The official “John Gnagy” drawing kit presented me with authentic tools of the trade. (For those of you under 45, these things are now considered “vintage.”)

Hut Trippin’ Colorado Style

Hut Trippin' Colorado Style 4

I have lived in Colorado for an adventurous 18 years, but I hadn’t quite “arrived” until last March. That’s when friends showed me the ropes. They took me to Markley Hut.
The trip was booked months in advance, and because friends were hut trippin’ together, it was sure to be a blast.
Markley Hut is located at 10,400 feet, outside Ashcroft at the foot of Green Mountain. To get there, we skinned in on split boards, alpine touring and telemark equipment, trekking two and a half miles from the parking lot and gaining 1,000 feet in elevation.

Fat City Farmers Grow Kids, Community and Food

Fat City Farmers Grow Kids, Community and Food 9

Saute onions until translucent. Add zucchini and chilies. Mix and cook, covered, for 20 minutes. Add the corn and seasonings and cook for five minutes more. Add the milk and cheese, stirring until cheese relaxes and melts.

International Photographer and Humanitarian Tyler Stableford

International Photographer and Humanitarian Tyler Stableford 8

In 2009, Tyler Stableford volunteered to film a documentary about a nonprofit that was helping transform the lives of destitute children in Ethiopia, a country devastated by drought, famine and disease. Sharp increases in HIV and malaria coupled with a lack of healthcare led to a startling statistic: 80 percent of the deaths occurring in Ethiopia were due to preventable diseases.

Exemplifying the Pioneer Spirit: Mary Lilly

Exemplifying the  Pioneer Spirit: Mary Lilly

Recently, the Mount Sopris Historical Society (MSHS) honored Mary Lilly with the Hattie Thompson award in recognition of Lilly’s love of learning, appreciation for the land and dedication to the community. “Mary’s indomitable spirit, kind heart and practical resolve exemplify the pioneering spirit that gave rise to the American West,” says MSHS Executive Director Beth White.