Tuck into some juicy summer reading...

The chicken on this month’s cover looks a bit quizzical, and why not? He’s wondering whether the creature taking his picture is old enough to know which button to push. The person behind the camera was 10-year-old Seychelle Singh, who is quite accomplished.

Seychelle and the other remarkable young photographers in this month’s “If You Give a Kid a Camera” story have inspired this magazine to run a photo contest for photographers between 5 and 16 who live in a zip code beginning with the digits “816.”  You will find a description of the contest in Around Town and full rules in an ad on page 26.

Cameras are amazing. They find the extraordinary in the ordinary and catch things too fleeting to see. Eudora Welty once said, “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”

You’ll find this issue filled with transcendent moments caught by the camera’s eye. In Your Neighbor, you will see the stunning work of world-class adventure photographer Tyler Stableford and learn about how he gives back through film-making and photography. You’ll see what lurks in the dark courtesy of Ken Krebiel’s remote-controlled cameras. And you’ll enjoy a bit of Brownie camera nostalgia in “Parting Thoughts.”

This issue will also introduce you to Frasier, a courthouse dog who will be helping kids navigate the legal system. It will give you the backstory on what to feed man’s best friend, courtesy of Eric Berry, owner of R.J. Paddywacks. It will take you on vicarious trips to the quarries of Marble and to the 10th Mountain Division huts. You’ll learn about how the nonprofit Fat City Farmers is helping immigrant families to put down roots in the Roaring Fork Valley and how Mary Lilly has been building community here for decades.

All in all, it’s a pretty good snapshot of the Roaring Fork Valley, a photo essay that captures why it’s so delightful to live here. Enjoy it, and encourage your young friends to contribute their own work to our contest.

The contest winner will have his or her work published on January’s cover. I’m hoping for a shot that will leave that quizzical chicken’s jaw hanging open.