August 2015 Publisher's Letter

I am happy to say that we have extended our monthly direct mail list to 11,000 homes and businesses in the Roaring Fork Valley. We reach 90 percent of single-family homeowners here each month with a fresh issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle.

As most of our readers know, Roaring Fork Lifestyle is a magazine for local residents and businesses. It features entertaining, educational and just plain delightful articles about the people, organizations and businesses that interact locally, building relationships on a daily basis.

As the popularity of Roaring Fork Lifestyle grows, so do requests that say, “Where can I get a copy of the magazine?”

Roaring Fork Lifestyle is a monthly direct mail “community” magazine. Unlike other publications, we are not a rack-distribution magazine. Roaring Fork Lifestyle is designed for the people who actually live in our wonderful valley. The most reliable way we have of making sure that residents get the magazine is to direct-mail each monthly issue to them at home.

The magazine’s management never intended for it to be available for our tourist friends to pick up as one of many souvenirs during their brief stay. This is the reason we avoid random display racks. Fully 95 percent of our distribution is direct mail, but we also hand-deliver to professional buildings throughout the valley so that people stranded in waiting rooms can read the magazine as they wait to see that person of interest.

So again you ask, “Where can I get a copy of the magazine?”

There are three ways to make sure you get your personal copy of Roaring Fork Lifestyle:

  1. An electronic copy is at your finger tips. We have an incredible website: On the home page, next to the picture of the front cover of the current issue, is a button that will allow you to subscribe electronically and get a copy of the magazine emailed to you each month.
  2. Email me at with a request to be added to our mailing list.
  3. Stop by your local Chamber of Commerce. We keep a hidden supply under the counter for locals. Just give the secret knock and the Chamber will happily hand you one.

Happy reading,