Tuck into some juicy summer reading...

Big fluffy flakes are falling on the deck and Carbondale’s Main Street is sporting banners that say “Let It Snow!” One Facebook friend just posted a photo of a gate across Route 82 bearing a sign that says “Independence Pass Closed.” Another just uploaded a shot of her pink lawn flamingos (!) covered with powder.

I love Colorado’s winters, and I know plenty of Roaring Fork Valley residents who will quickly say, “I resemble that remark!” Many folks say they “moved here for the winters, but stayed for the summers.” Joy abounds for us powder hounds because there’s always plenty of winter fun to lure us onto the slopes, onto the ice and out of the house.

As you will learn in this month’s Parting Thoughts, I’m the daughter of two ski patrollers. I currently teach ice skating to kids ranging from four to 14 at the Glenwood Springs Recreation Center. I have been a ski instructor, and I once worked as a snowshoe guide. So I thought that I was pretty well-versed in Colorado winter activities.

Not true! While editing this magazine over the course of the past year – December marks the first birthday of Roaring Fork Lifestyle – I have been introduced to many new ways to enjoy our winters. Those include fat biking in the snow, practicing yoga in the Glenwood Hot Springs pool and community grooming of the Spring Valley Nordic trails. With this issue, I can add to that list: training avalanche rescue dogs (they are the true powder hounds), ice fishing and competitive skijoring (think Ben Hur with dogs).

What are your favorite winter activities? What do you dream about as the fluffy flakes begin to fall? What winter stories do you wish this publication would cover?

Find us on Facebook (Facebook.com/RoaringForkLifestyle) and tell me what makes you sing “let it snow, let it snow.” Or write to me at ntoussaint@lifestylepubs.com. I love hearing from readers, and being introduced to new forms of frozen frolic just adds frosting to the cake! Who knows, you might wind up introducing the whole valley to something entirely new to do with ice and snow.