Vinyl Plank Flooring 
to Dirty Deeds

Looks Like Wood, Wears Like Iron

“Luxury vinyl plank flooring is really catching on here in the Roaring Fork Valley,” says Jody Maloley, owner of Network Interiors Group. “It has a  contemporary look, sleek and modern. The planks can look like exactly like wood, but they wear like iron.”

That durability was a key reason why Glenwood Medical and the Roaring Fork Co-Op have chosen wood-look luxury vinyl plank flooring for their newly-renovated spaces. “The Co-Op loved what Project Manager Justin Glasenapp put together for them,” commented Maloley. “Justin has worked in the flooring industry for 20 years, and he has had great success throughout the Valley with this product.”

Luxury vinyl plank flooring, which came onto the market several years ago and was a bit slow in getting here, is appearing in many high-end local homes for good reasons: It offers durability that stands up to dirty deeds from dogs and ski boots, resistance to snow-melt and other moisture, easy clean-up and affordability. It’s also simple to repair. Maloley notes that it’s actually possible to replace a damaged plank using a hair dryer to cement it back into place. She points out, “It’s far more practical to replace a single plank than it is to have to replace an entire floor.”

The flooring comes in many styles; the planks can look like different varieties of wood, or tile, or even stone. It’s made by several companies – Network Interiors Group sources it from Mohawk and Shaw, among other manufacturers – and it comes in a variety of sizes.

Blogger Alison Waken chose Shaw Floors luxury vinyl plank flooring for her home in Arizona. She began looking for new flooring after a hot water leak ruined the floor in her living room. “With two boys, two dogs and friends in and out, I’d be hard-pressed to classify our home as anything but high traffic,” she writes. “I wanted something that would hide boy dirt and dog hair, and I was impressed with the colors, patterns and styles that Shaw had to offer.” She chose Northhampton Plank in Shelton Pecan.

Network Interiors Group, which is based in New Castle and has opened a new showroom in Glenwood Springs, has provided luxury vinyl flooring for the new dental office that Janckila Construction is building next door to Alpine Bank in Carbondale. “Justin put together a whole finish package for the dental offices,” says Maloley. “We’re known for flooring, but we also supply countertops, tile, doors, carpeting, blinds, fireplaces and cabinets – you name it!  We have put together a handsome package that’s going to serve this high-traffic dental practice really well.”

Maloley looks for first-quality products that are overstocked and passes the savings on to clients. “Our package deals always save the customer money,” she says. “The best savings are on our stock items. In our package deals, we bundle products so that we can pass great pricing on to our customers.”

Locals are invited to check out the Network Interiors Group’s new showroom at 3768 Highway 82. Maloley says there’s plenty to look at, and promises, “You will enjoy the same great pricing you experienced at the New Castle location.”