Taste of Basalt Raises Fun & Funds for Schools

Taste of Basalt Raises Fun & Funds for Schools 5

In November, the Basalt Education Foundation’s 20th annual Taste of Basalt raised $100,000 for Basalt public schools. The event at the Roaring Fork Club featured mid-valley restaurant food samples, cocktail and wine tastings, dancing, a silent auction and a raffle. Photography Jeremy Swanson

Your Success Is My Success

Your Success Is My Success 1

“I spend a lot of money marketing in several different media and it works. The problem is, I don’t know which programs work and which waste my time and money.”
I hear that a lot. It’s a problem all business people face, and it’s tempting to just opt for online marketing because it’s so measurable. You just count the clicks, right?
Wrong. First, not all those clicks represent prospective clients. Second, even on established sites like Facebook, there’s a lot of rumor and hearsay. You’ve heard people say, sarcastically, “Well, I read it on the internet, so it must be true.” A rumor mill makes for somewhat less than a flattering showroom for your business.

In praise of cool deeds & local heroes.

In praise of cool deeds & local heroes.

International climate talks were going on in Paris while I was editing this magazine. As several local voices featured in this month’s articles reminded me, climate change threatens many aspects of our Roaring Fork lifestyle, ranging from farming and ranching to fishing and skiing, not to mention real estate values and income from tourism. As my Carbondale neighbor Robert Hubbell puts it, “One of the things I have learned is the inter-connectedness of climate, about El Niño and what happens here with the snow pack and summer water supplies, about rising sea levels and wilder hurricanes and storms around the world. Everything is ultimately connected.”

What Affects Global Warming? You do!

What Affects Global Warming? You do! 4

1) Defend Thompson Divide. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that conserving large tracks of healthy habitat provides a defense against threats to both wildlife and the environment, whether the threat comes from global warming, habitat fragmentation or water quality degradation. Roaring Fork Valley residents can protect 220,000 acres of quality habitat by letting the Bureau of Land Management know that they think the Thompson Divide should be protected.

Rocky Mountain Institute Opens Deep Green Innovation Center

Rocky Mountain Institute Opens Deep Green Innovation Center 12

In mid-January, the Rocky Mountain Institute will cut the ribbon to open its new Innovation Center in Basalt. The 15,610 square-foot office building has already been recognized as one of the world’s most energy-efficient structures, an example of how to construct buildings in an era of climate change.
That example is needed, because as architect/author Edwin Mazria has written, “it’s architects who hold the key to turning down the global thermostat.” Mazria is the founder of Architecture 2030, a movement that calls for all new buildings and building renovations to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

U.S. Paralympic Team Gets Crossfit in Carbondale

U.S. Paralympic Team Gets Crossfit in Carbondale 5

Crossfit has a reputation as “extreme.” Incredibly challenging, it’s the domain of elite athletes.
Carbondalian Kevin Jardine and his wife Ashley have been Crossfitting for several years. Both are in top physical condition. Kevin, the director of high performance for U.S. Paralympics alpine skiing and snowboarding, decided that the Box at Sopris Crossfit in Carbondale would provide excellent training for his athletes. At his invitation, Roaring Fork Lifestyle watched the U.S. Paralympic team tear it up there in late November.

Around Town

Around Town 2

Garfield County Search & Rescue is seeking new volunteer applicants. If you have been looking for a way to give back to our local communities, if you enjoy helping others, and if you’re good at activities such as snowmobiling, ATVing, skiing, snowshoeing, climbing, canyoneering, rafting, boating, swimming and dog handling, this may be for you.
Candidates must be 18 years old and have a desire to help others in need while out-of-doors in all kinds of weather and across all sorts of terrain. They will need to show dedication to the training program and a willingness to respond to missions whenever possible. Visit GarfieldCountySAR.com or email garfieldsar@gmail.com 
for more information.

Mountain Family Health Centers

Mountain Family Health Centers 3

“We want to ensure is that there is an affordable choice in the most un-affordable area in country,” says Ross Brooks, the chief executive officer for Mountain Family Health Centers.
That’s a tall order. In 2014, Colorado’s “Rocky Mountain Resort Region” – Eagle, Summit, Pitkin and Garfield counties – had the nation’s highest health insurance costs. While the Roaring Fork Valley isn’t presently in the top spot, Brooks says, “We are certainly going to be right up there again.”

Talented Young Roaring Fork Photographers Wow Judges 
in Our Contest

Talented Young Roaring Fork Photographers Wow Judges 
in Our Contest 8

Congratulations to Sonya Benson of Aspen for winning our Roaring Fork 
Lifestyle youth photo contest. Judging from the judges’ comments, 15-year-old Benson knocked their socks off.
“When I opened Buck, I thought, ‘Oh, Wow!’ Photographically it is very well done, good exposure, looks sharp,” says Judy Hill Lovins. “I love the story it tells, the strong horizontal lines in thirds and the buck dead in the middle!”

Viewing Ocean Rise from High and Dry and Over a Mile High

Viewing Ocean Rise from High and Dry and Over a Mile High

When Hurricane Sandy hit in October, 2012, Robert Hubbell was directing worldwide marketing for the investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners in New York City. “We had to vacate traders and work stations in one location on the aptly-named Water Street,” he recalls. “It took almost five months to recover. I lived in New Jersey and saw first-hand all the damage done there and on nearby Staten Island.”
When Hubbell retired to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2014 – high and dry at 6,181 feet above sea level – he wasn’t thinking much about storm surge and ocean levels. That is until he met Albert Slap during a tennis match in Snowmass.

Getting Green Done at Aspen Skiing Company

Getting Green Done at Aspen Skiing Company 11

This year, 2015, was the warmest year ever since records started being kept in 1880.
Let that sink in for a moment.
Today, Aspen is two degrees warmer than in 1970. In those 30 years, the northern hemisphere has lost a million square miles of spring snowpack. Aspen, named for a tree that may not survive the rising temperatures in the Roaring Fork Valley, has lost 30 frost-free days per year.

A Dad’s Advice: Resolutions for a Good Life

A Dad’s Advice: Resolutions for a Good Life 1

Your mom has asked me to say some things your dad would tell you if he was still living. I didn’t know your dad, but I know he loved you more than life itself. I know because I’m a dad too.
I’m sorry your dad is gone, but there’s no permanence in life. We’re all here for a moment or two. Then we’re gone: a memory, a room full of stuff, a closet full of clothes, a box of pictures left behind. We all think we have more time.