“If It Weren’t for the Last Minute, Nothing Would Get Done.”

"If It Weren't for the Last Minute, Nothing Would Get Done.”

My editor has just emailed me another reminder that this letter is due today. (If you’re reading my letter, then I must have lived up to the Rita Mae Brown quote in the headline and got it done at the last minute.)
Procrastination is something that I really have to work on. Soon.
I seem to be plagued with procrastination more in my personal than my professional life (then again, maybe my editor and my wife could have a debate about that).

Bless this table

Bless this table

In her article In Praise of Locavores, Andrea Palm-Porter asks, “Do you ever stop to think about what you’re eating and where it came from?”
I do. Although unseemly haste is among my flaws, I try to allow space at the beginning of each meal for a moment of gratitude. Food and drink, in all their astonishing forms, are truly blessings.
Last summer, when my grandson Sam asked me what God looked like, I said that I thought that the spirit of God was present in seeds. Isn’t it a miracle that something so tiny and humble can create flowers, fruits and grain? Without anyone having to teach it a thing?

Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day

Kathy Fangman, owner of Grand Avenue Sweets in Glenwood Springs, is an expert when it comes to knowing how to pour a little sugar on your honey for Valentine’s Day. Here are her picks from the hundreds of choices available in her nostalgic, old-time candy store. The store holds more than 30 flavors of salt-water taffy and many old-time favorites. But these confections rate as the most-popular among locals. And the chocolates are made and dipped here in Glenwood Springs by Colorado Candies!

Around Town

Around Town 6

On January 6th, 265 students spent their first day in Ross Montessori School’s new building in Carbondale. The school’s new, 19,000-square-foot, two-story building replaces modular buildings the school had used for the past eleven years. The new school includes numerous green building features such as natural light in classrooms and super-efficient LED lighting. A $75,000 grant from CORE is funding the LED lights plus a rooftop solar array which will provide 20 percent of the school’s electricity.

Basalt Chamber Welcomes the Holidays

Basalt Chamber Welcomes the Holidays 6

The monthly business member and community mixer sponsored by the Basalt Chamber of Commerce packed in a wall-to-wall crowd in December. Hosted by Alpine Bank Downtown Basalt, which is located in Basalt’s historic train depot, the gala attracted young and old and even Santa. Photos by Robin Waters.

Cups Runneth Over for Carbondale Clay Center

Cups Runneth Over for Carbondale Clay Center 6

In December, the Carbondale Clay Center held its 18th Annual Cup Auction in a pop-up gallery on Main Street in Carbondale. Local and nationally known artists donated more than 220 cups to the auction. The popular event is the Clay Center’s biggest fundraiser.

Breaking Bread in Community

Breaking Bread in Community 14

Cyclists have been tempted off the straight and narrow bike path that runs just west of Carbondale’s Third Street Center by a yeasty, golden aroma wafting on the breeze. Seduced by the scent, they follow their noses to the community bread oven where they receive a warm welcome.
“It’s the one place where everyone goes with the intention of sharing,” says veteran baker Linda Romero Criswell. “We always make extra.”

Green Design at 
Marble Distilling Company

Green Design at 
Marble Distilling Company 5

The evening crowds at the Marble Distilling Company (MDC) are pure Colorado: boots or heels, Carhartts or silk. They gather to enjoy seasonally-evolving cocktails blended with locally-brewed spirits that have been garnering awards and rave reviews.
In contrast to Carbondale’s usual architecture—a mix of funky shacks and newly gentrified brick storefronts—MDC’s building is a spare, monochromatic study in sustainability and regionalism. Despite modish interiors accented with reclaimed wood and local Yule quarry marble, the atmosphere is relaxed. Entering the distillery and luxury inn feels like walking into Cheers.

In Praise of 

In Praise of 
Locavores 3

Preheat oven to 475 degrees F. In roasting pan, combine the squash, bell peppers, potatoes and onion. Combine the thyme, rosemary, olive oil, vinegar or lemon, salt and pepper with the vegetables and toss. Roast for 35-40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes, or until vegetables are cooked through and browned.
Do you ever stop to think about what you’re eating and where it came from? How the food you’re eating got to your table? The efforts it took to get there?

Bravo Catering’s 
Jimmy Nadell 
Publishes His Secrets

Bravo Catering's 
Jimmy Nadell 
Publishes His Secrets 4

Mix dough for 30 minutes. Mix yeast in warm water, then allow it to activate in a warm spot for five minutes. Add yeast to dough. Weigh out dough at 8 ounces, then roll it out. Set crust in hot oven for one minute. Remove from oven and add pizza sauce. Bake at 450 for about 8-10 minutes or until crust is crispy golden brown. Finish with parmigiano reggiano and chopped parsley.
Enjoy while watching a movie outside on your deck under flame-thrower heaters.

Dundee Memorial Dog Wash

Dundee Memorial Dog Wash 7

It all started with a dog named Dundee.
“I met Dundee at Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE) in 2011,” recalls Jenna Mitchell, a lifelong Roaring Fork Valley local and former CARE employee. “He was this funny greyhound/shepherd-y mix, about eight years old. He’d been waiting for a home for a while, and I took him on as my project.”
Dundee did eventually find the forever home he deserved. With Mitchell.

Gus the Bus Goes the Extra Mile for Learning

Gus the Bus Goes the Extra Mile for Learning 2

CCI is a region-wide effort to ensure that the 22,000 children from Aspen to Parachute are ready for kindergarten and graduate from high school ready for college and career. Every new mother who gives birth in Valley View Hospital is given a referral for a home visit from nurses or trained volunteers.
Goal 1: Ready for Kindergarten, includes the adoption of a regional kindergarten readiness assessment tool; a five-week, full-day summer program for incoming kindergarteners; increased early learning childcare opportunities; and working with communities to determine how funds are allocated for low-income families.



When Karina and Grace got into it yesterday morning, they did not know that I, the school principal, stood near enough to hear every word. It started with a typical litany of grievances, infractions, betrayals and spite delivered with a hiss. The first barrage came from Karina. Then, with a stammer, from Grace. Then back to the top.
Their spat ramped up with speed and force, causing Karina’s long black braids to swing in vertical arcs while Grace’s soft brown cheeks turned to mottled red. It seemed I had discovered the “throw-down corner” where the real action happened!