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Chef Nadell has been a celebrity chef in and around Aspen since 1986. He’s whipped up culinary creations for Prince Andrew of England, Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Vice President Al Gore and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, not to mention stars Tom Cruise, Cindy Crawford, Chevy Chase, Dudley Moore and Oprah Winfrey.

He has catered a banquet for the CIA, served front-line firefighters from a mobile kitchen, won competitive ski awards and hosted a TV kitchen show. And now he’s about to become an author.

Chef James Nadell—midvalley locals fondly refer to him as “Jimmy of Bravo Catering”—was recently approached via his Facebook page by a stranger with an interesting proposition: “Write down your recipes and I will put together a cookbook. I think we can sell about a million copies.”

As the idea began to simmer, Nadell discovered several reasons to put down his wire whisk and pick up a pen. “Obviously, when you publish a cookbook, you hope to make money off of it, but more importantly, a book opens a lot of avenues.” Nadell, the founder and CEO of the United States Chef Association, an educational association offering several levels of accredited certifications to chefs, is interested in teaching on cruise ships. He’d like share the recipes he publishes on the Bravo Catering website more widely. And he’d like to make good food more accessible to home cooks.

“We have a lot of fans out there, people who have been hiring us for years and years,” he says. He’s known for jaw-dropping creations that range from carved-ice oyster bars and LED light-illuminated sushi towers with live swimming fish to flaming desserts, but he says that one need not go to those lengths to create memorable meals. “What I’m trying to achieve is showing the average cook how you can create beautiful dishes like those in the book,” he says. “If you’re not too advanced, you can take what I call variations.”

What it all boiled down to was that Nadell and his wife, Apachula “Pach” Hursey, who happens to be an unparalleled food photographer (that’s her photo on this month’s cover) became inspired to create the book themselves.

Called The Artistry of Culinary Arts, the cookbook should be completed in early February. Purchasing information can be found on the Bravo Catering website at and on the Facebook page of Chef Jimmy Nadell.