Around Town

Around Town 15

The Basalt Chamber of Commerce’s Sign Committee is placing wayfinding signs at the Basalt roundabout, along Emma Road and on Midland Avenue this spring. Nick Aceto, owner of Terrain Land Architects, creator of the monument sign in the roundabout at Basalt Avenue and Highway 82, designed the signs and says that the design goal for the new signs was to utilize materials similar to the monument sign in the roundabout. The new wayfinding signs use a combination of weathering steel and stainless steel with tone-on-tone patterning. The smaller ‘bollard’ elements in the signs are designed as a continuation of the two rivers fishing theme. The patterns on the bollards replicate the different skin patterns on the four most-common trout species in Basalt’s gold medal rivers.

Mastering a Month of Yoga

Mastering a Month of Yoga 4

Recently, a crew of inspiring and dedicated yogis completed a 30-day yoga challenge at True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale. They received free monthly, unlimited yoga passes in recognition of their hard work.

Nothing Great Comes Easy

Nothing Great Comes Easy

So you have this great idea! You have given it a lot of thought. Your friends and family like it, so it must be a great idea. You have talked to a few local businesses about supporting your idea, and you have gotten positive feedback.
You are set to revolutionize the world, make your first million. Now you take the first step by printing business cards, and voila! You are in business!
What can go wrong?

To Serve, To Strive and Not to Yield

To Serve, To Strive and Not to Yield

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Mine have ranged from a broken arm to a broken heart, from getting lost in the woods to a lost job. Bigger challenges come in the form of the loss of a home or a loved one. Sometimes we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Sometimes we’re so disabled we need someone else to tie our shoelaces. This issue celebrates the spirit of those who overcome life’s challenges.

Spring Forward into a Happier Future

Spring Forward into a Happier Future

Winter’s chill is ebbing and we look forward to the warmth and new life that spring brings with it.
We have also come through the winter of the Great Recession. It was a rough season, one that changed lives. Similar to the crocuses pushing through the hard packed earth, it has taken a few years for many to push through the challenges that thwarted their finances.

Wishes Do Grow on Trees!

Wishes Do Grow on Trees! 7

The Doc Holliday trail in Glenwood Springs ranks high on lists of local must-do activities: the popular ascent affords hikers a magnificent view of downtown before leading on to the Linwood Pioneer Cemetery, and it has long been recognized for its historical significance and natural beauty. For the past few years, however, it has also been known for another mysterious sight: The Wishing Tree.

Glenwood Springs Chamber Gala

Glenwood Springs Chamber Gala 8

The Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association’s awards night and gala featured a “Back to the Future” theme, some funny costumes and awards recognizing those who have made Glenwood Springs a seriously good place to live and work. (See Around Town for details about the awards.) Photos by Katrina Smith.

It’s a Spellabration!

It's a Spellabration! 11

Passport to Literacy: Around the World in 80 Words, the 2016 Spellabration raised $18,000 for Literacy Outreach and Colorado Mountain College’s learning labs. Twenty-six teams with names like Lost in Translation, From Russia with Love, Jefferson Airplane and Team Baggage Handlers participated in this annual contest. Photos by Suzy Cota.

Reaching for a Dream, One Step at a Time

Reaching for a Dream, One Step at a Time 4

Amanda Boxtel could be seen as a dreamer or as an inspiration. To know Amanda is to know what it means to dream big and live big. On February 27, 1992 a freak skiing accident rendered her a paraplegic. Two weeks later, as she lay in a hospital bed, a young doctor strode into her room and spoke words that became her motivation: “Amanda, you’ll never walk again.”

Mogli Cooper’s Climb to Success

Mogli Cooper's Climb to Success 7

Asked how a 20-year old Swiss kid wound up in Aspen, Mogli Cooper, co-developer of the Iron Mountain Hot Springs, burst into laughter. “I wanted to ski the Andes!”
What must it have felt like, decades later, for her to stand at a community gala accepting a Business of the Year award along with the Iron Mountain Hot Springs management team? How must the heart have swelled, while receiving an Entrepreneur of the Year award the same evening.

Lisa Dancing-Lights’ “The Song of Love” – Eight Years in the Making

Lisa Dancing-Lights’ “The Song of Love” – Eight Years in the Making

Local singer-songwriter Lisa Dancing-Light recently released her fifth album, The Song of Love. Called “an anthem for humanity,” the music was inspired by Anne Hillman’s book Awakening The Energies of Love: Discovering Fire For the Second Time, a book which in turns draws wisdom from Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Outward Bound: Charting a Path Through Challenge

Outward Bound: Charting a Path Through Challenge 10

Meg Ravenscraft tells the story of a 23-year-old Harvard student who detested his month-long Colorado Outward Bound School course. “It was hard for him. He cried every day. He told us he hated us. But in his exit interview, he said, ‘If I ever have kids, can I send them on an Outward Bound course?’ It was interesting that a gifted student from an Ivy League college could have learned something he never encountered before. He was walking away feeling strong and independent. He basically said that all the money in the world could not have bought him that level of courage and independence.”

WindWalkers and Jaywalkers: Striding Toward a Healthy Future

WindWalkers and Jaywalkers: Striding Toward a Healthy Future 4

A slender young man in a white cowboy hat steps off the mounting platform in the WindWalkers barn and eases into the saddle. Once he’s securely seated aboard Cody, a sorrel quarter horse with a white forehead blaze, a man and a woman grasp the reins and walk forward to make sure that Cody and “Cowboy Joe”, his developmentally-challenged rider, are making strides in the right direction.

My Daughter’s First Fourteener

My Daughter’s First Fourteener 2

My 11-year-old daughter Hadley has always been a strong hiker, but I was surprised when she announced she wanted a climb a fourteener last summer.
I was a bit worried about her readiness but mostly about my own. I’ve “bagged” a dozen of Colorado’s 54 14,000-foot-plus peaks, but it has been several years since my last climb. In the interim, I’ve grown dazzlingly wiser, impressively slower and more cognizant of my own mortality because, if you’ve ever climbed a fourteener, you know there are moments when you feel like you’re going to die (or that death might be more enjoyable than this).

It’s Just Around the Corner…

It's Just Around the Corner… 1

The calendar says that March 21st was the first day of spring. The days and nights are now of nearly equal length, the ski areas are closing and a sense of renewal is in the air. After a long, snowy winter, we are all ready for longer days, warmer weather and more color in our landscapes.