Nothing Great Comes Easy

So you have this great idea! You have given it a lot of thought. Your friends and family like it, so it must be a great idea. You have talked to a few local businesses about supporting your idea, and you have gotten positive feedback.

You are set to revolutionize the world, make your first million. Now you take the first step by printing business cards, and voila! You are in business!

What can go wrong?

Concepts always appear good on paper, just the way they sound good in early conversations. For the first 30 to 60 days, your enthusiasm remains strong—but you are starting to hear a few divided opinions. A few small cracks will appear in even the best plan. The businesses that originally said they were going to support your idea now seem less willing to join your venture.

Do dissenting opinions make want to make you reconsider the merits of your plan?

Yes and no. You must have the ability to be flexible as your business develops. There’s never a straight line between points A and B. You listen to comments, both positive and negative. Sometimes, negative opinions present great information, ideas that allow you redirect your goals, tweak them here and hammer them there.

The bottom line is that feedback, both positive and negative, should fuel one’s determination to succeed. As you dig in and evaluate new information, you can adjust direction and refine your products or services. If you listen and adjust your business to your customers’ needs, then continue to offer strong values, your determination will carry you through.

Remember that a professional baseball player’s batting average will hover around 300. This means he will miss the ball 7 out of 10 times he swings. Does he rethink his ability to succeed? No, he’s just as enthusiastic as before. He stays in the batting cage and continues to work on his style and technique. Determination keeps him swinging to improve his game.

Businesses are no different. Setbacks are expected. It’s how you recover from setbacks that builds the quality and value of your business and your personal character. Step back into the “business” batting cage and continue to adjust and swing for the fence. Your determination and persistence to succeed will strengthen as the game goes on.

That’s how it is here at Roaring Fork Lifestyle magazine, just as it is for the businesses we write about and advertise in these pages. We admire the resilience and determination of the folks who started those businesses, and who make them go. We ask that you reward them too, by bringing them your business.