Of Gardening, Greens and Golf

With May, it’s finally spring. So it may—or may not—be time for summer projects to begin.

I have already picked up the broken branches, raked up left-over leaves and removed dead grass from the lawn. I have rearranged the garage, cleaned our stored lawn furniture and taken down the deer fencing from around our shrubs. I even fertilized the lawn! That’s enough for this month, wouldn’t you think?

But last weekend, my wife was quick to ask what new summer projects I had in mind. I just stared at her as if to say, “Really!?”

I had already started building a new section of privacy fence that needed staining. I also bought a new power washer. I hadn’t even fired it up yet, but I was planning to blast a winter’s worth of grime from off the garage floor. After I mentioned all this, Linda said, “OK, so what are you planning next weekend after those small jobs are finished?

You have to understand my wife. She thinks that idle hands mean a lazy husband, and she has no intention of letting me be a lazy husband.

My wife is also a big fan of “Pinterest”, a website that’s popular with ladies looking for new home design ideas. They can “pin” photos of things that catch their attention, keeping them readily accessible with the click of a mouse. There the photos remain, ready forever—ideas ready to keep idle hands busy throughout the whole summer.

Linda showed me photos of several different styles of raised planter beds that are perfect for vegetables. It should only take two or three weekends for me to build the beds, so they can ready for planting by last frost.

Soon I may—or may not—be building planter beds to grow our summer greens. Who knows? It might snow. The flakes can fly as late as June around here, and that makes May an iffy kind of month.

The other day, my wife caught me in the garage going through my golf bag, cleaning my clubs. I’m sure you can imagine how the conversation went! Linda’s sweet request was, “when you’re finished with your golf clubs, please come into the house. I have some Pinterest photos I want you to see. They’re pictures of things I have always wanted to do. You’re going to love them…”

I may, and then again, I may not. May is an iffy month around here.