Planting Seeds for the Harvest

My boss, publisher Rick French and I strive to make this publication truly reflect the communities that make up the Roaring Fork Valley. As editor, I’m particularly glad to receive editorial suggestions, even though I can’t follow up on them all.

Awhile back, a reader—I’ll call her Myrtle—asked if I would assign “one of the staff photographers” to cover a fundraising gala. Myrtle probably imagined our offices looking something like those of the Daily Planet, where mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, aka Superman, worked.

In truth, our “offices” consist of my small home study and Rick’s new, shoebox-sized-but-out-of-his-house office in Glenwood Springs. Our “staff” includes the two of us. Half a dozen very talented but-very-modestly paid freelance writers contribute stories. (The writers are described later in this issue.)

While Rick could be mistaken for an ad-selling Superman, I wear the hats of both editor-in-chief Perry White and reporter Lois Lane. Because we have no Jimmy Olsen, I have to jump into a phone booth, whisk off my jacket and transform into a staff photographer if photos need to be shot on location. Since I’m awfully busy changing my hats, time limitations often force me to turn down invitations like Myrtle’s.

Similarly, while I might like to write about the seven new restaurants that have opened recently between Carbondale and Glenwood—another reader’s suggestion—neither my schedule nor the magazine’s budget would stretch that far.

That, dear readers, is where you come in. Three sections of this publication are open to your news, within the limits of available space and editorial policy. Send your submissions to me not later than the 5th of the month prior to the date on the cover. (As you’re reading this May issue, June issue is at press and we’re planning the July issue.) Here’s what we publish:

  • Good Times­—event and party photos; six to 12 high-resolution color photos plus one or two sentences describing the event.
  • Around Town—news notes of about 150 words plus a photo if possible
  • Calendar—We use 12-15 events a month and need 25- to 50-word descriptions that include date, time, place, cost, sponsor and contact information.

This issue, called “How Green Grows the Valley” is about spring gardening, environmental projects and growing community. Here’s to hoping that you will be planting some seeds that will grow into better coverage of our communities in the months to come. Keep those emails coming to