The Talent in These Pages

While the list of talented writers and photographers who have contributed to Roaring Fork Lifestyle’s 18 issues would run quite long, we would like to give a shout-out to some of our more-frequent contributors.

Caitlin Causey, Writer

Originally from small-town Georgia, Caitlin Causey lived in Atlanta and New York City before relocating to Colorado in 2012. When not writing, this Glenwood Springs resident enjoys cooking, reading and working on the Victorian fixer-upper she recently bought with her husband, Hunter.

Caitlin has written for a variety of local and regional publications, but especially loves telling the stories of Roaring Fork Valley residents. Winner of Roaring Fork Lifestyle’s Most Valuable Writer for 2015 award, over the past year she has written about the Wishing Tree on the Doc Holliday trail, the Heeling Partner dogs, Dia de los Muertos and the Valley’s young poets.

Lynn Dwyer, Writer

As a wildlife biologist, Lynn Dwyer spent every spare moment (and dime) pursuing her gardening hobby. Now the co-owner of Dwyer Greens & Gardens, Lynn teaches classes, writes articles and mentors gardeners. Her story about local safe-planting dates appears in this issue.

Lynn met and married her husband Pat Dwyer in Alaska. They moved to Eagle after starting a family in the late 80’s, and in 1997, were able to build their dream home in New Castle. The Dwyers began growing local organic produce, but quickly realized their talents lay in garden design and installations.

Geneviève Joëlle Villamizar, Writer

Landscape designer Geneviève Joëlle Villamizar has been writing about nature, design and adventure for almost 20 years. These days, she relishes the research and discovery of writing on topics of which she knows little. Freelance writing gives her “hall pass” to meet dynamic, driven, soulful people making good.

Winner of Roaring Fork Lifestyle’s 2015 Best New Writer Award, Villamizar wrote about Bob Bailey’s bees for this issue. In past issues, she has written about Chi Gong, the spirituality of hunting, glass artist Shannon Muse, green practices at Aspen Skiing Company and the training regime of the U.S. Paralympic Team. She lives in Carbondale.

Andrea Palm-Porter, Writer

Andrea Palm-Porter is an outdoor adventurist, the mother of four, a leadership trainer and executive director of the Roaring Fork Center for Community Leadership. She enjoys writing outdoor adventure and community interest stories that will inspire readers. Originally from Wisconsin, she says that living in Colorado is like a dream come true for her.

Andrea has written Roaring Fork Lifestyle stories about locavore eating, climate change, hut tripping, stand-up paddle boarding, fly fishing and fat biking. As a former publisher of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, she’s always had a passion for writing and contributing to others.

Renee Ramge, Photographer

This issue’s fabulous “Green is the New Black “photos were taken by Renee Ramge, who lives in Redstone. This magazine has been pleased to also feature Ramge’s photos of Mountain Fair, of vacuum-cleaning dancers and various local bands.

Renee says, “I’m a Midwestern farmer’s daughter who moved to the mountains of Colorado to raise her children in place where I felt people understand what the word ‘community’ really means. Here in the mountains, I discovered my passion for all things natural and beautiful and took up photography more seriously as a way to capture what I was seeing and share it with others.” Ramge is best known for capturing live music and events. More of her work can be seen at and on Facebook.

Carolyn Watt Williams, Writer

Carolyn Watt Williams moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1999 to teach at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS). She later became the college counselor at CRMS, and in 2007, she launched a private consulting practice to give students the individualized attention they need to make the most of the college admission process.

Carolyn writes about schools and has worked in education for over 20 years, establishing programs and designing curricula at Basalt High and CRMS. She served as Mt. Sopris Montessori School’s board president and as a board member of the Ross Montessori School. An avid road biker, trail runner, Nordic and alpine skier, yoga practitioner and climber, Carolyn lives in Carbondale with her husband, Greg, and children Sage and Luke.