The Art of Loafing

I’m sitting at my patio table with my cup of coffee early Saturday morning, trying to get focused on my publisher’s letter. My editor’s threats echo distantly—she wants me to write something about the arts. But my mind is buzzing around like the hummingbird that’s hovering three feet away, staring at me as my wife works her magic with flowers on our backyard berm.

The morning sun is filtering through the collage of colors created by trees and shrubs I hand-planted 10 years ago. The breeze is gentle and cool, the day sunny and warm. I had no real plans today, with the exception of writing this letter.

I thought I might try to get a few swings in at the local driving range. Others are planning on loading their picnic baskets and coolers then heading to their favorite campground.

Yesterday, I drove by a little league baseball game and could not resist the temptation to stop and watch an inning of ball. Listening to the parents shout words of encouragement to a son or daughter brought back a flood of memories of times that I sat in the bleachers doing the same for my kids.

The river is busy with kayakers and river rafting. Yesterday, the White Water Park in West Glenwood had kayakers and surfboard enthusiasts lining up for their turn to challenge the waves. Their goal was a few minutes of maneuvering with twists and turns on the wave’s crest before the current sent them shooting them downstream.

As I sit here, I can hear the rumble of motorcycles heading up Highway 82. Destinations? Who really cares? Isn’t the thrill of the ride really the ride itself? The freedom you get on the journey is enough reward for any rider.

Another sound catches my attention—paragliders circling overhead. I can hear the crackle of the canopy and the sound of their voices shouting “Yahoo!” to no one in particular.

You’re probably thinking I must have the greatest backyard in the area, and you would be right because my backyard is the Roaring Fork Valley. We are some of the world’s luckiest people! Every day, any day, we can experience outdoor recreational activities that most folks can only dream about.

But all of this is in our backyard, every day of our lives!

Oh yeah, the arts around here are pretty great too. But maybe our scary Roaring Fork Lifestyle editor will tell you about those.