A Lively Celebration of the Day of the Dead

A Lively Celebration of the Day of the Dead 6

Carbondale’s First Friday in November featured a Day of the Dead performance by Ross Montessori students and an Invocation of the Dead at Thunder River Theatre. Altar viewings, traditional foods, hot chocolate, face painting, songs and music followed at Third Street Center. Photos by Julie Albrecht.

Alya Howe & Dancers Explore Herd Movements

Alya Howe & Dancers Explore Herd Movements 3

In creating “HEaRD”, choreographer Alya Howe was inspired by schools of fish and “the marvelous murmuration of the flock.” HEaRD was performed at Carbondale’s Launchpad by Bailey Barnum, Dana Ganssle Ellis, Emily Fifer, Gabriela Alvarez Espinoza, Jeni Ptacek, Meagan Londy Shapiro, Natalie Rae, and Robyn Hubbard. Photos by Renee Ramge.

A Month to Celebrate

A Month to Celebrate

December brings us a whole host of things to celebrate. My top three? Five wonderful grandkids, drinking hot chocolate and giving gifts. They all bring a smile to my lips, and December brings with it opportunities to indulge in all three.

The Bones of Christmas Past

The Bones of Christmas Past

These days, stores seem to break out the Christmas decor as soon as the Halloween candies can be cleared away.
That may be a good thing for sales, but the long holiday season is hard on those away from family, those who have lost loved ones, those have lost the chance to be with loved ones because they must work. Count me among those who refuse to shop at stores that stay open on holidays, days that used to be sacrosanct and reserved for family, rest and worship.

Three Simple Tips on How to Give During the Holiday Season

Three Simple Tips on How to Give During the Holiday Season

The season of giving is upon us, and when it comes to charity, giving also means receiving benevolent satisfaction when helping our less-fortunate neighbors. Here at Balcomb & Green, P.C., our estate planners advise our clients on how to maximize tax-deductible financial gifts to recognized, registered, well-run charities–those officially categorized by the Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations.

Celebrating Artistic Community at Crystal Glass

Celebrating Artistic Community at Crystal Glass 10

“These projects are laid out for you so you can’t fail.” Laughter greets this assertion from Shannon Muse.
For the past 45 minutes, the half-dozen students in the glassroom have been learning about the myriad variables involved in firing glass, about the physics of this remarkable material. It turns out that, because of the viscosity of glass, both a 1″ thick slab and a 1/8″ inch piece will turn out to be about 1/4″ thick when fired. While eggs cool faster at altitude, glass fires faster here than at sea level. Marvels and mysteries!

A Peek Inside the Local ‘Nillionaire’ Economy

A Peek Inside the Local 'Nillionaire' Economy 2

Try to donate or consign Dad’s vachetta leather club chair, c.1974, or Lucy’s plush coat that’s missing one button! “They won’t take my stuff!” is a common cry here in the Roaring Fork Valley. Sourcing things can be a challenge. Needing only a yard-and-a-half of upholstery fabric or quality stackable milk crates becomes a scavenger hunt. So people often turn to resale shops—only to encounter sticker shock. Consignment is a business after all, and even resale can seem pricey to some—considering that it’s, um…used.

An Old-Time Rocky Mountain Christmas

An Old-Time Rocky Mountain Christmas 4

Glittering lights, boughs of evergreen, snowy mountainsides, gatherings, goodwill and smiles on the faces of every child in town: it’s Christmastime in Glenwood Springs.

A Log Home for the Holidays

A Log Home for the Holidays 7

What could be better than gathering friends and family around the fire during these frosty winter holidays?
Perched above Cattle Creek amongst ancient pinon trees, this custom home, hewn from massive Ponderosa logs, offers a glowingly warm space for celebration. Located between Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, with a stunning view of Mt. Sopris, it’s just near enough civilization to take advantage of the ski slopes, the holiday fairs, dinners and all the cultural events our valley has to offer.

December 2016 Around Town

December 2016 Around Town 2

In December, Thunder River Theatre Company (TRTC) presents a delightful romantic comedy. “The Last Romance” tells the story of Ralph and Carol, widowers with untold secrets from the past, who meet unexpectedly at a New Jersey dog park. Ralph attempts to woo the elegant-but-distant Carol, navigates his doting sister’s jealousy and tries to tolerate Carol’s dog, Peaches, who reminds him of a “rat that can bark”. Along the way, the audience enjoys a number of famous opera arias sung by Ralph, who was an aspiring opera singer as a young man.

Holiday Fairs Feature the Artisan’s Touch

Holiday Fairs Feature the Artisan's Touch 6

Arts and crafts have been around since the mid-19th century, starting in Britain. The Arts & Crafts Movement was an attempt to reform design and decorations by moving away from machinery and factory production. Artistry is also a form of self-expression and personal creativity. Take a look at the online marketplace Etsy.com, with more than a million independent creative entrepreneurs who sell their uniquely created goods; you will see the long-lasting impact of that long-ago movement.

December 2016 Parting Thoughts

December 2016 Parting Thoughts

My family used to put up outside Christmas lights during the last weekend of November. Shortly after, we gradually transformed the inside of our house with decorations. Then we purchased a real pine tree, decorating it shortly before Christmas, at times as late as Christmas Eve.

Photographer Lewis Cooper’s Drone Captures an Eagle’s Eye View

Photographer Lewis Cooper’s Drone Captures an Eagle’s Eye View 4

The small white aircraft spins its four propellers, rises straight up, then hovers about 12 feet off the ground, watching the three spectators as we wave to its camera. Then it flies off, deftly piloted by photographer Lewis Cooper. We see its bird’s eye view of tree tops and cliffs through Cooper’s smartphone.