A Month to Celebrate

December brings us a whole host of things to celebrate. My top three? Five wonderful grandkids, drinking hot chocolate and giving gifts. They all bring a smile to my lips, and December brings with it opportunities to indulge in all three.

I suppose I could wait until December 16, Chocolate Covered Anything Day, to fill my cocoa with plenty of marshmallows. But December’s full of good excuses! Everyone knows about Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, even Kwanzaa and Festivus. But you probably didn’t know that December 9th is the Official Lost and Found Day. Or that December 19th is Ugly Sweater Day. (Really. It’s on the Internet so it must be true!)

To that list, I can add one more. This magazine’s second birthday happens this month.

What really makes all these specially-named days worth celebrating is that they bring people together, just as Roaring Fork Lifestyle does.

The staff at Roaring Fork Lifestyle works tirelessly throughout the year to bring us stories of people, organization and businesses we all recognize. It also introduces us to new people or businesses that are worth knowing.

Some of our stories are hot chocolate, sweet little pick-me-ups meant to make you smile. Some are educational. Some are meant to be a little provocative, a bit like grandkids. Taken all together, our staff puts each issue together as a gift to the valley. Publishing it gives me the same warm feeling I get from giving gifts to family and friends.

Putting a monthly magazine together is a bit like organizing a big, family holiday event. Both require a massive planning effort, plenty of cooks in the kitchen and someone to pay the bills. Our valued advertisers who pay the bills make it all possible. So, as you head out to do your holiday shopping, I ask you to reward them with your patronage and mention that you read about them here.

Here at Roaring Fork Lifestyle, we look at our readers, business partners and talented staff members as a large family that gathers for a monthly community networking effort. It’s a lot of work, and sometimes, something happens that’s worthy of Bicarbonate of Soda Day (December 30). But in the end, it’s always memorable and worthwhile.

So here’s to wishing our readers and advertisers much to celebrate. May the month of December bring you smiles and surprises, family and friends, lots of hot chocolate and no more ugly sweaters than you can use.