Small Businesses - the Stars in Our Local Economy

The theme of this issue is “home grown”. That term makes many people automatically think of our locally grown produce; the valley is full of many quality growers.

When I think of “home grown”, I look at a bigger picture.

Wherever you’re standing, look down the road. Just glance at the businesses to the right or left. Most of what you are going to see are entrepreneurial businesses. These are places in which some enterprising person had an idea for a new product or service and decided there was a fit in our local economy for it.

If you look up “entrepreneurial” in the dictionary, you will see that it references a risk-taker, someone who is innovative, ground-breaking and empire-building. I think that very few of us look at ourselves as empire builders, but anything is possible!

As an “empire-building publisher”, I have the pleasure of meeting entrepreneurs on a daily basis. If you take the time to talk to those entrepreneurs, you will find that they have a fire in their soul, brightness in their eyes, and a commitment to succeed. They talk a little faster when describing their dream, the need for their creation or service. When you hear their excitement and see that vision, you know you are talking to a risk taker.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of cottage businesses in the Roaring Fork Valley. If we could find a way to harness their energy, each one powering a small light, together they would light up the night with a glow brighter than the Denver skyline. We would look like the stars in our own heaven.

Roaring Fork Lifestyle is designed to introduce local readers to the entrepreneurs of our valley. We write about our neighbors and about local organizations because we seek to build community.

This magazine is mailed to 15,000 Roaring Fork Valley residents, circulating from Old Snowmass down through Glenwood Springs and New Castle. We will soon be adding Aspen and Snowmass Village residents to our mailing list. When you advertise in this magazine, your business will be presented to homeowners throughout the valley and passed on at office and medical buildings. So if you’re building a small business empire, give us a call. We’d like to help you to let your little light shine.