Down 25 Points in the 3rd Quarter—Time to Move & Shake!

A “Mover & Shaker” is usually the owner or manager of a company or organization, the person who plans and orchestrates its direction and growth. This person must be a leader who can keep a calm hand on the controls.

I watched one of the calmest performances of leadership under pressure that I have ever seen on Super Bowl Sunday this year. I am not, or at least was not, a fan of Tom Brady until I watched him engineer the comeback-of-all comebacks in the final quarter. As a die-hard Broncos fan, I respected him, but I had John Elway and Peyton Manning to cheer on. So Tom Brady was always third behind them in my mind.

Leadership under fire, when the chips are down, brings out the true qualities of a mover and shaker. Preparation is essential, but being able to follow the game plan, overcome obstructions, and direct the team with a calm head are all essential components of what makes a leader. Every day is Super Bowl Sunday in business and community leadership. Hopefully, our leaders will never find themselves down by 25 points entering the third quarter, but if it happens, confidence and knowing the team inside-out can be a game changer. Team preparation, a solid game plan, and the ability to execute that plan can make all the difference.

I sat back in awe as I watched Brady talk to his team in the huddle. No shaking there. He looked calm enough to be playing on a practice field, not at the Super Bowl. He engineered play after play, chipping away at the lead to tie the game. Once, in overtime, he executed the final push, and Atlanta was helpless to stop them; Brady marched the team down the field to victory.

A Mover & Shaker in business and community creates a plan with goals and direction. He or she motivates their team and delivers a level of confidence by enabling them to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Imagine that this is the third quarter and you are down by 25 points: you are right where you want to be. Let’s get to work.

It’s game time!