Swimming Against the Tide - Pools in Colorado 4

With the Simons Family, It’s Everyone into the Pool!

Steven Simons is a third generation, Texas-bred pool contractor. His mother and father met building pools. His father soon started his own company, with Simons practically cutting his teeth on construction sites. Simons mastered plaster and tile, plumbing, rebar and shotcrete early on. Eventually, married and building a future, Simons and his wife Ashlee relocated, setting their eyes on the Roaring Fork Valley market. They opened Timberline Pool & Spa (TPS) out of a home office.

“When we say we build swimming pools in Colorado, it creates a lot of curiosity. I remember opening up a bank account for the company in 2004 and the woman helping us kept asking, ‘What type of business are you opening?!’” recalls Ashlee. “There I sat, with one small child and another on the way. I’ll never forget the look of uncertainty she gave me. Failure wasn’t even an option at the time for Steven and me and our young family.”

TPS started simply, with Steven building the pools almost solely himself. Ashlee jokes that her degree in German literature made her the ideal candidate to run the numbers, as well as the office while raising their four young children, “It’s amazing what you can do when you work together and when you both want the same things in life.” As she speaks, Ashlee’s contentment is palpable. “Timberline Pool and Spa isn’t just a company; it’s really part of our family. We feel a strong sense of connection to our customers, employees and the community we live and work in.”

Landscape architect Shannon Murphy, American Society of Landscape Architects, has been working with TPS since inception. “I have been the source of many ulcers for Steve, Ashlee, and the entire Timberline crew for the past 13 years. I enjoy torturing them with my new design ideas for pools, spas, and water features. Unfortunately for them, they always rise to the occasion and help me create water elements that meet and exceed my original visions for the projects, thus sealing their fate to continue to be the firm teaming with me to design and build my water elements.”

One such project, Murphy explains, is “a pool we created for a family in Owl Creek. Twenty-four foot-wide granite waterfall steps create a playful connection between the children’s wading pool and the pool for the big kids, aka mom and dad. The black granite also creates a sophisticated water sculpture in the evening, reflecting the warm hues of the sky at sunset.”

While success is sweet, Timberline continues to innovate. Staff just attended an industry conference in Canada. Significant projects brighten the horizon of 2017. They’ve built new offices and a showroom in the Silt Trade Center. “We like to tell people we aren’t new,” Murphy says, “you just didn’t know we were here.”