Blooming Where You're Planted 1

What does home mean to you? What about community, neighbors, or friends?

In the five years that my husband and I have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley, we’ve thought a lot about what these words mean to us. We spent our twenties bouncing from place to place, exploring what the world had to offer, and found ourselves here unexpectedly in 2012. Following the typical path that many young transplants walk in the valley, we found an apartment we couldn’t really afford, started new jobs, and ended many long days at the dinner table questioning whether we could make it here long-term.

Although we started out on a wing and a prayer, we are now doing our best to get settled and lay down some roots. We’ve purchased a fixer-upper in downtown Glenwood (ask me about our plumbing woes!), spent countless hours in our marvelous natural surroundings, volunteered, and developed relationships with new friends, colleagues, and neighbors. We support local organizations and businesses as often as possible. We have a dog from CARE. And nowadays, it seems we can’t even run to the grocery store without bumping into a familiar face.

Sometimes if an acquaintance asks me if we’re locals, I reply: “Not quite. But we’re getting there.”

I say all of this not to suggest that we’re something special; I say this because our community itself is something special. The two of us just showed up and started following everyone else’s lead: taking what comes our way, and endeavoring to make it a little better than we found it. What we discovered in the process is a community deeply engaged in family, friendship, neighborhood involvement, and service to others—all the good stuff in life.

As the new editor of Roaring Fork Lifestyle, I hope to continue the magazine’s focus on all the ordinary, extraordinary people who make this corner of Colorado what it is. My predecessor Nicolette Toussaint set the bar high, and although I know I have some big shoes to fill, I will strive to carry on the celebration of community that she has filled these pages with for more than two years. First up is the April issue, dedicated to the local farm-to-table movement that has been percolating in our valley for years.

I look forward to receiving your ideas and feedback as soon as possible. What do you want to read about here? Who in your neighborhood is doing something amazing? Put your ears to the ground, and tell me what you hear.