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Integrated Mountain Group Combines Established Real Estate Expertise and Technology

Collaboration: It’s a big part of what Integrated Mountain Group does. Founded by Roaring Fork Valley resident of more than 20 years Scott Key and a team of longtime local professionals, the company is delivering comprehensive services to the local community with more than a century of combined experience in real estate.

The group’s four divisions—Integrated Mountain Properties, Management, Financial, and Maintenance—cover the needs of anyone wanting to purchase a home or investment property. Think expertise in residential and commercial property sales and leasing, Homeowners Association management and property maintenance, bookkeeping, and financial services combined with state-of-the-art technology and systems—all under one roof.

Roaring Fork Lifestyle recently spoke with Key, a retired Fortune 500 CEO, about the business and how its innovative approach brings a new level of value to residents interested in the complex and dynamic local real estate market.

Lifestyle: Real estate in this area is a uniquely challenging business. Why create a new company in this field?

Key: This is one of the most attractive places in the world from almost every perspective. I have had a chance to run a global enterprise with properties in more than 30 countries with technology, systems, and talent that allowed us to do incredible things in some amazing places. This was our motivation in creating Integrated Mountain Group. We saw an opportunity to bring deep talent and local expertise together with technology and customer-oriented processes to help property owners and investors more effectively achieve their goals.

Lifestyle: Tell us about some of the key players within Integrated Mountain Group.

Key: The company founders are either native to the area, or are longtime locals. Juliann and brother Jim Gornick are entrepreneurs, born and raised in Glenwood Springs. Juliann is our CFO and she heads Integrated Mountain Financial. Jim leads Integrated Mountain Maintenance. Todd Leahy, managing broker for Integrated Mountain Properties, has been in valley real estate for decades, as well as local government. Todd is currently the mayor pro-tem of Glenwood Springs. Scott Dillard is one of the valley’s most successful brokers. Bob Johnson, executive vice president of Integrated Mountain Management, has more than 24 years of experience in the area. Bob holds a Community Association Management (CAM) license, and is our Homeowners Association specialist who also serves on the Roaring Fork Schools Board of Education. Mike and Suzanne Henry also have established experience in commercial and residential property management. It’s an incredible team!

Lifestyle: How does each of the company’s four divisions serve various customer needs?

Key: We offer a wide range of real estate services. For example, our Integrated Mountain Properties division focuses on commercial and residential property sales and leasing business, as well as investment properties. Integrated Mountain Financial provides business financial management to property owners as well as area businesses. Additional services include full service payroll and tax reporting as well as real estate and fixed asset account analytics. With 24-hour service and real time activity tracking, Integrated Mountain Maintenance provides experienced commercial and residential maintenance support to maintain and improve properties. Integrated Mountain Management is unique, with state-of-the-art software and real-time applications for owners, managers, and tenants via customized web and mobile applications.

Lifestyle: Compared to other local groups, what should prospective property buyers know is different about what your team provides?

Key: When I left the corporate world I began investing in the valley in commercial and residential real estate. It became evident pretty quickly that the revolution in software, mobile applications, and back office systems that has had such a large impact in making our lives simpler in so many ways had yet to arrive in the mountains. This is the motivation for Integrated Mountain Group. To make owning, investing, and living in this area simpler and to ensure we are maximizing the value of our customers’ assets is unique in this market.

Lifestyle: What is your favorite aspect of the world of Roaring Fork Valley real estate?

Key: We live in the best place on the planet; we are all fortunate in that. Combining this with the opportunity to work with great people and successfully create value for our customers as they live and invest in this valley, that’s pretty special.