Building the She-Shed

Outdoor fun can mean different things to different people. The Roaring Fork Valley offers unlimited activities for locals and tourists alike. I personally prefer golf and fly fishing—every weekend could be filled with just those two activities if I had the choice. And I mean choice, because my wife had other plans for me this spring. After three years of asking for a potting shed, she finally put it at the top of her (read: my) list.

She prefers to call it her “she-shed,” and that label has very serious meaning. It means that ONLY her potting items are stored in it. She made it very clear that no major yard tools, lawnmower, weed eater, hedge trimmer, or wheelbarrow will be allowed inside.

Mind you, this is not some prefab shed. My son and I have been building it from the foundation up. Let me rephrase that; my son is building it. He just allows me to cut pre-measured marks on the boards and then hand them to him for assembly. Our last five weekends have been busy and we could be building it faster, but this is design on the fly since change orders from The She-Shed Boss come in frequently. These change orders can sometimes create heavy discussion. We like to refer to our conversations at a higher-than-normal volume as “discussions,” so that people don’t mistake them for arguments.

The next point of interest is the budget. I step back and say, “What budget?” The dollar amount we set originally has thus far been doubled. How does anyone build a house today when I look at the material costs of a simple potting shed and am shocked?

I hope I have racked up a summer’s worth of brownie points, so I am cashing in a few this weekend. The temps are supposed to be in the sunny 70s, so golf is in my plans. I just ordered the next round of materials so fortunately for me, delivery will not be for another week. This means my weekend is clear—pending no more change orders from The Boss, of course.