Nurturing Nature in our Valley 1

There are exactly 1,439,552 fantastic things to do outside in the Roaring Fork Valley this month. I, your editor, did the dirty work for you and counted.

Of course we have hiking, rafting, rock climbing, fishing, golfing, jogging, and all the other sports and physical activities we love—but what about festival frolicking, market strolling, rodeo gawking, sidewalk chalking, creek dipping, bird watching, cloud counting, wildflower hunting, hamburger grilling, or the all-important afternoon ice cream eating? (That can actually be an extreme sport unto itself; try finishing a cone in the heat without any drips on your shirt.) All of these activities increase the tally, too.

The point is, the possibilities for outdoor fun are just about endless right now. The Roaring Fork Lifestyle issue in your hands hopes to become your guide to a small percentage of these, with details on some of the most entertaining events, happenings, and activities the valley has to offer in June. Whether big crowds, live music, and high-octane festivities are your thing or whether you prefer the more subdued pleasures of art walks and trail restoration, our writers have a little something to pique just about everyone’s interest.

And what about the days when the offerings are too plentiful, and they leave you twitching with indecision? Well, we’ve got a piece on that, too; be sure to read “Snowline,” this month’s highly relatable Parting Thoughts essay by a valley local who discovers that sometimes the in-between is simply enough.

To all the hikers, bikers, bird watchers, creek dippers, ice cream eaters, and especially the in-betweeners out there: Enjoy the sweet, sweet summertime.