Adventure Defined 1

Merriam-Webster defines the word adventure as both “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks” and “an exciting or remarkable experience.”

Although a dictionary definition makes the concept seem a little dry or square, I do agree with it—especially the part about adventure encompassing not only dangerous pursuits but “remarkable” ones. This opens the door to a host of qualifying experiences, varying in nature from transformative to exhilarating to mysterious, with nary a broken bone in sight.

Does true adventure require broken bones, or at least the threat of them? Maybe. But should it? I like to think that adventure can be a bit more inclusive, perhaps requiring simply an element of mental, spiritual, or physical challenge rather than overt risk.

Throughout this issue, we wanted to explore the definition of adventure in several of its wonderful, life-affirming forms. In a valley full of thrill-seeking adrenaline addicts, it seemed appropriate to pause for a moment and consider the function of adventure in a life well-lived. Thus, be sure to read not only about the Carbondale rafting crew that attempted to shatter a speed record through the Grand Canyon, but also about the kids who attend Aspen Camp and dare to connect to a world that understands them. Dive into the vision of an enterprising Basalt resident who has worked to put the magic of Roaring Fork Valley trails at the community’s fingertips, take a closer look at Carbondale’s beloved outdoor podcasts, and don’t miss the story of a local father who has wrestled with a dilemma that’s familiar to many parents.

Perilous, thrilling, thought-provoking, uplifting: adventure is powerful. Cheers to your next adrenaline rush.