Adventure Defined 1

For the past few months, vehicles with out-of-state license plates have lined my street in downtown Glenwood. Ohio, Iowa, Arkansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri, Maryland: all terrific places, yes, but ones where—c’mon, let’s be honest here—the landscapes aren’t quite as exciting as those in western Colorado.

These families have traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles to hike our mountains, paddle our rivers, and experience a bit of the fabled West that they have dreamt about for perhaps their entire lives. Considering this, how amazing is it that we actually get to live here? That the everyday and commonplace in our own experience is someone else’s bucket list to-do?

Wow. Most of us in the valley, I think, do hold a deep and abiding gratitude for the opportunity to live in such an incredible area of the country. Our good fortune is not lost on us. And although our mountains and wild places are our first loves, there are still many more aspects of valley life that make this home uniquely ours. This month our writers have delved into a few of these locals-only topics, some of which are a little quirky and unusual. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them, and that they’ll provide even more reasons to love where you live.

Oh, and if you encounter a tourist or two this month, be kind—for they will be returning to flatter and less fabled locales quite soon.