Only in the Valley

We live in an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Options here are over-the-top crazy: bike riding, fly fishing, golfing, paragliding, hiking, skiing, ATVing on the Flat Tops, or just throwing a stick in the river for your dog.

We all have one thing in common: As residents in the valley, if we can’t cram all our activities into one weekend or one week, there is always after work or the next weekend. After 30 years living in the Roaring Fork Valley, I still look forward to experiencing our surroundings every day. Even with the steady increase in traffic and more new neighbors moving in, the valley’s attractions are still here.

I can’t help but smile when I think of the thousands of tourists spending big dollars just to visit our valley, and when the day comes that their vacation is over they agonize over leaving. Not Me! I live here. Ain’t it great?

Consider the alternative. We could be living on the Front Range or worse yet, somewhere in the Midwest. I remember when my family first moved from eastern Nebraska to Colorado and lived in Fort Collins. I worked in Denver and commuted every day for five years looking toward the mountains. I used to think to myself, there will be a day when I will live in the mountains. When I finally got a call and was offered a position in Glenwood Springs, my family took the weekend to visit here for the first time. We drove through Glenwood Canyon on a narrow two-lane highway that followed the Colorado River’s bank with our mouths hanging open. All it took was one pass through town and our decision was made. After three decades, we still do not regret our decision to move here.

So when you read “Only in the Valley,” just sit for a moment and think what that truly means. Whatever you decide, you are not wrong.