Watching Grown Kids: "Been There, Done That"

As the father of four adult children, I get to sit back and watch as they make their way in the world. I am happy to say they are headed in the right direction. They have established goals and careers. My wife and I “high five” each other thinking that most of our guidance and advice seems to be paying off.

On occasion, one of our kids will call and actually ask for advice on decisions at another crossroad on life’s journey. These can be serious questions, questions that can be difficult to answer, especially when they’re in areas where we have no background. Twice, I have been faced with this type of question, and on both occasions, the only thing I could say is, “Look thoroughly at the pros and cons and then make the choice that is in your heart.”

We can only offer suggestions and hope our suggestions are correct.

As teenagers, my kids were amazed that somehow we adults had managed to survive as long as we did. Now, as adults themselves, they can see that their totally-uncool parents are actually not quite as mentally-challenged as they had originally thought!

It gives me a very satisfied feeling to see they still value my opinion. But, it is only an opinion, so the choices are still theirs to make.

Three out of our four children now have families of their own. They are facing the same challenges we did in our younger days.

My wife and I sit back in amusement as we watch their kids show acts of defiance. We smile as listen to our child’s child reasoning about why she or he should be allowed to do what she or he wants to do. Small children today are displaying a level of education that makes their arguments seem reasonable. Maybe not logical, but still reasonable! Listening to our kids explain to their kids why they can’t do it is actually fun! The expression “been there…done that” always applies.

Being grandparents definitely has its perks. We can enjoy the moment and go home.

As the theme of this issue states: “The kids are alright.” My wife and I know that’s true as we watch our own kids make their decisions in life.