Young Poets Ponder the Meaning of Life

Glenwood Middle School Students

Glenwood Springs Middle School teacher Paige Hahn’s sixth-grade language arts students recently studied the art of expression through poetry. Here, five of these young poets share thoughts on the medium and examples of their work.

Hope White

What have you learned about poetry this year?

“I’ve learned that poetry isn’t just a boring thing old guys do; it’s something all people can do to express feelings.”

“I am A Person”

I am a person

and I want you to know:

I am not something to be broken

or mistreated.

I deserve

to be treated the same

as any other person.

I know I may look different

or act different.

But inside we are all

the same.

Why do we put each other down?

Why not ignite the torch

of uniqueness?

Instead of dropping it

and watching

it’s flame

die out.

Brady Johnson

What are your goals surrounding writing?

My goal is to write a book, so I can get my name into the writing world. Writing will impact my life and my future, because if I do write a book and it becomes popular then I could make writing my job.”

“Meaning of Life”

As I walked through a grove of trees,

I pondered the meaning of all,

A piece of knowledge I wish to seize,

A way to come out of thrall.

To know the meaning of life is a hope,

But with it you can pave,

A path to power that you can cope,

Until you reach your grave.

If you know the meaning then you will be,

A sun, a star, a person of wonder,

The one and only key

To help the world stay and not sunder,

Just think, that could be me.

Carolina Alvarenga

What is your favorite style of poetry and why?

My favorite style of poetry is free verse, because you can do anything with it. You can write about anything you want to and there are no rules.”


I see them

standing there,

All together.

Without me.

We were so


Now we’re

So far


We don’t talk




Did I do



What did

I do?

And if I did,

I am sorry.

Jonathan Francia

Who is your favorite poet or author?

“My favorite poet is Shakespeare because he writes a lot of great sonnets and plays.”

“Ode To My Glasses”


You make my world clearer.

Without you, I can not see

the beautiful nature of the world.


If I do not have you, I am blind.

And I would be a hopeless little child

that can’t see.


With your blue, curved edges,

And your clear lenses,

You make my day clear again.


You are my life,

and you guide me to a clear path.

You are my love,

And I would do anything for you,


Mykel Backofen

What is your favorite topic or theme to write about?

“I love to write about experiences in my life or things that could happen in my life. I think being funny in poems is a way to remember things that make you laugh.”

“I Am Not, But I Can”

I am not the smartest person in the world;

I am not dumb,

but I do know some random facts.

I am not the fastest person on this planet;

I am not slow,

but I was the fastest person in my class.

I have not seen everything;

that does not mean I can’t see,

but I have seen 22 states.

I have not lived 20 years;

that does not mean I have not lived,

but I have lived 12 years.

I have not been to space;

that doesn’t mean I can’t,

but I have dreamed about it.