Cue the Confetti! 1

With the season of celebration officially upon us, Roaring Fork Lifestyle is debuting the magazine’s first Readers’ Choice issue to spotlight the valley’s best and brightest in local business. In a big city this kind of round-up might not offer much of a personal connection to readers, but here in our tight-knit community this list of local favorites is filled with familiar faces. Flip through—we bet you’ll spot someone you know.

That’s the beauty of it. From doctors and lawyers to home craftsmen, restaurant owners, health gurus, and other professionals, this issue is all about neighbors recognizing other neighbors for the good work they do to make this valley the remarkable place that it is. Cue the confetti!

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back on the year and are thankful for all of the people who make this publication possible. A magazine like Roaring Fork Lifestyle requires a fine balance of readers, advertisers, and content creators to operate in a sustainable way—and we appreciate every person who has cracked these pages for a read, purchased an ad, or written an article. (We wanted to give an extra special cheer for our contributors this month, so be sure to check out their bios on page 24.)

This time of year, it’s also important to celebrate our numerous local nonprofits and remember them in our year-end giving. The valley wouldn’t be what it is without their tireless efforts to continually make this a better place to live; whether your passion is art, homeless assistance, education, animal welfare, hunger relief, or some other cause, find an organization that works to bring more of what you want to see in the community and donate. If you need a little guidance, check out LIFT-UP director Amy Barr’s article about holiday giving on the last page.

Wishing you and yours the merriest of holidays, filled with all the joy, reflection, and togetherness of the season.