December 2017 Our Contributors 5

Roaring Fork Lifestyle extends sincere thanks to the valley writers who have generously contributed their time and talents in the name of telling great local stories this year. Below are some of the magazine’s frequent contributors of 2017. We are always seeking new voices in the community; if you are interested in writing for the magazine, contact editor Caitlin Causey at

Alexa Fitzpatrick

Alexa Fitzpatrick is a writer and performer who calls the Roaring Fork Valley home, even when she’s away for long stretches of time. Her one-woman show about tending bar at a sushi restaurant in Aspen (titled: Serving Bait to Rich People) was called “bound to get noticed” by the New York Times.

Suzanne W. Kirch

From writing and editing for her school newspapers, to teaching English, to freelance writing for a variety of publications, wordsmithing has been a passion for Suzanne for most of her life. Written communication played a large role in kindling her relationship with her husband, and she now strives to pass the love of writing on to their two sons. She has thoroughly enjoyed writing for Roaring Fork Lifestyle and meeting local faces, while learning more about local places.

Kate Lapides

Kate Lapides is a photographer, writer, budding videographer, and social media strategist who prefers life at around 10,000 feet. Passionate about running, mountains, community, human rights, and dog-friendly spaces, she’s a profound believer in the capacity of thoughtful photography to humanize complex humanitarian issues and empower marginalized communities around the world. 

Trina Ortega

Ever since her first musings as a teen columnist for The Denver Parent Magazine, Trina has relied on the written word as a form of expression. She now has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of journalism, including her current position as the managing editor of Mountain Flyer magazine. Whether in prose or verse, Trina loves to tell the stories that connect us as humans.

Geneviève Joëlle Villamizar

As a writer, Geneviève Joëlle Villamizar seeks the meaning in our stories that give rise to connections—from within ourselves to the greater community.

Carolyn Watt Williams

Carolyn Watt Williams moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1999 to teach at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School. She later became their college counselor, and in 2007 launched a private consulting practice to give students the individualized attention they need to make the most of the college admission process. Carolyn writes about schools and has worked in education for over 20 years, establishing programs and designing curricula locally. She lives in Carbondale with her husband, Greg, and children Sage and Luke.