Our Readers 
Have Spoken

Roaring Fork Lifestyle recently held its first-ever Readers’ Choice “Best Of the Valley” contest. You, our readers, have responded in a big way. We had 45 categories where you could offer business nominations on RoaringForkLifestyle.com, followed by a round of voting to determine winners in the various fields. This was a two-stage process that occurred during the months of August and September where the top five nominees from the nomination round advanced to the voting round. At that point, readers had to come back and cast their actual votes.

It was interesting to watch the process from start to finish. For the first two weeks of the August nomination round, nominations slowly started rolling in. I was often asked if the nominees had to be advertisers in Roaring Fork Lifestyle to be considered; I told them absolutely not! The nomination round was wide open, so that the community could fairly nominate their favorites. There were even some nominated businesses that I had never even heard of, which is unusual since I have lived in the valley for over 30 years and worked in marketing for 15 of those.

When the September voting round commenced, it reminded me a little of my personal list of things to do (I characteristically delay things until I’m forced to act—something like this overdue publisher’s letter, which my editor Caitlin patiently reminds me that I better get on it). I watched the voting activity on a daily basis, and as expected the first 10 days were somewhat slow to start. The final 10 days, however, I saw the votes ramping up quickly. I watched leads change three or four times as the social media platforms of businesses rallying their customers for votes kicked into gear. In some cases a winner wasn’t clearly ahead until the final day of voting, and we did end up with a few ties.

Well, the votes are now in, the winners determined by our readers and showcased here in our December issue. The businesses you see are the “Best Of” in their fields. Call them, support them, and tell them you saw them in Roaring Fork Lifestyle, the best community networking magazine in the valley.