15-Minute Workout 4

Get Fit with Tips from TAC

Essential Exercises for a Stronger You

Trainers Parker Condit and Jennifer Mendez

The Aspen Clinic (TAC)

1460 E. Valley Road, 
Suites 100 & 221, Basalt



TAC is a fitness, wellness, and performance center offering state-of-the-art services. The TAC method could be described as follows: eliminate pain, cultivate movement, eat to live, recover better, and internalize motivation. For this quick at-home workout, start with a lying hip raise, which activates the glutes. Continue to work the glutes with donkey kicks, then shift focus to the abdominal muscles with dawl rod L-situps. Finish up with planks for a stronger core and arms.

The Moves

1. Lying Hip Raise

2. Donkey Kicks

3. Dawl Rod L-Situp

4. Plank