Cheers to 2018

Welcome to January. By now you’ve hopefully polished off all the leftover pie from the back of the fridge and guzzled your last mug of eggnog for at least 11 months. So long, holiday feasting—and hellooo fitness resolutions.

Do you believe in the possibility of a fresh start every year? I do. Although I’ve been told many, many times that “January 1 is just another day,” I still feel that the flip of the calendar is significant enough reason to try more, do more, be more. If New Year’s Day helps spur us to be a little better for ourselves and our loved ones, I’m all for it.

Now…about those fitness resolutions.

If 2018 is the year you are devoting to a healthier lifestyle, keep reading. Whether you’re looking to kick-start a completely new exercise regimen or simply freshen up the routine you’re already in, we’ve gathered tips and ideas from several of the valley’s top trainers and fitness gurus to inspire your goals. (The photos of their rippling muscles and perfect form don’t hurt, either. They’re all captured beautifully by Roaring Fork Lifestyle’s new in-house photographer, Michael Hefferon, and his team at Estate Photo Video.)

Cheers to the new year! May your ambitions be outweighed only by your dedication to them—at least until the pies and eggnog come out again in December.