Confessions of a Trainer 1

Amy Bollock has some secrets to share. As co-owner of Carbondale’s private personal training studio High Performance Physiques, she believes in a customized approach to working with clients, treating each as an individual who has a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, health concerns, and goals. Amy recently confessed to Roaring Fork Lifestyle:

  • • “One of the worst trends that I remember was the leotards with leg warmers in the ’80s. Thank goodness I wasn’t quite old enough to start my training career then because I would not have been wearing that; actually, that would have been enough to make me go in another direction for sure!”
  • • “Something that I’d like every client to know is that you have to set your own goals to be successful. Your exercise program is unique to you and what you want and/or need. Don’t compare yourself to others or their programming or nutrition habits.”
  • • “Besides my family, there is one area in my life I put above exercise: football. If I had to choose between getting my workout in or watching football, I’d choose FOOTBALL. When February comes around every year it takes me awhile to get out of my football blues, especially if the Broncos have had a disappointing year!”