Try Something New This Year

The past month has brought me in closer contact with fitness gyms than I have been for the past decade. It seems like one of the requirements of working on this issue was to give me a guilt complex for the lack of effort I take in personal fitness. I will admit it: at 66, I am old (at least in my kids’ eyes!). But when I watched members at one of the local fitness gyms who were even older than I am doing light weight training, aerobics, and stretching—all with a smile on their faces and bouncing up from a routine—I really felt guilty.

If you haven’t been in a fitness gym lately, visit one just to see the people of all ages in action. Check out the modern equipment designed to protect you from those exercise injuries. Talk with a personal trainer who can develop a program just for you. You can feel the energy in the air, and it might make you want to run out and buy a new pair of training shoes and a shiny new workout suit. Don’t even think about pulling your old velour one out of the back of your closet, though. Now that is truly old! Most young people don’t even know what a velour suit is, thank goodness.

Seriously though, our January issue is designed to help you think about your health and fitness. You may have seen the recent announcement that Governor Hickenlooper named Garfield County as the inaugural recipient of the Healthy Community Award, given to Colorado’s healthiest community. Now that should give you some idea about how seriously we take our health around here. Get out and try something new in 2018. After a period of time, you might just surprise yourself with your accomplishments.

Now I am tempted to take a little of my own advice, break out my black Keds high-tops and gray sweatpants, and actually use the bike trail next to my house.