When was the last time you created something?

Wait, that sounds a little intimidating. Let me rephrase: When was the last time you simply made something with your hands?

Chances are, it was more recent than you might give yourself credit for. Maybe it was a scratch-made meal or fresh flowers arranged in a vase, or a handwritten note to a loved one. Perhaps it was just building playdough sculptures with your kids after work; that counts, too.

The point is, opportunities to create are everywhere—we just have to seize them. We don’t need to be capital-A Artists to have permission to make things by hand; we need only to dive in and relish the small things we can create ourselves on any old day of the week.

Why? Because making things is incredibly gratifying.

Just ask jewelry artisan Megan DeNev Wussow of DeNev Designs, whose story is on page 22. Ok, so she definitely is a capital-A Artist, but she hasn’t always been. Wussow actually developed her passion for making jewelry after being encouraged by a stranger who liked a handmade pair of earrings she was wearing, and who eventually offered her a bit of retail space in a local shop. Fast forward 13 years after that serendipitous meeting, and Wussow’s work has now been featured in boutiques around the country.

Enjoy reading about Wussow and some of our valley’s talented makers this month. We hope they’ll inspire you to appreciate all that you create by hand, too.