Inside a Chic Family Retreat Tucked Above the Valley’s Favorite Reservoir

Joyce Occhiato had been visiting the Roaring Fork Valley since she was a child, when she vacationed in Glenwood Springs with her family. So when the Denver resident began thinking of purchasing a mountain hideaway where her family could retreat from the hustle and bustle of the front range, her memories of the valley came to mind. Soon she discovered a quiet home tucked in the hills above Reudi Reservoir, and it instantly felt like home. Well, almost.

“The house was perfect but if you had seen it before we changed the look, the design was very choppy,” she says. “We sought the services of Cathers Home to change the design of the home. What I love about it now is that it has an inviting feel, with an open floor plan so that my family can be more together than separated in different rooms. It all flows so well, and it’s just a great place for our family. And of course, we still love being able to see Reudi through the trees.” 

 Cathers Home Design Director Denise Taylor worked closely with Occhiato to achieve a specific look. “We used the movie ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ with Jack Nicholson as our inspiration,” Taylor says. “She (Occhiato) wanted a kitchen where she could cook and the whole family would hang out together, and in that movie there is an amazing kitchen with two islands where family gathers and interacts.”