Wearable Heart and Soul from DeNev Designs

Mountain Elegance.

That’s how Megan DeNev Wussow, the jewelry artisan behind Carbondale-based DeNev Designs, describes the feel of her work. In a place where many locals spend their days outdoors and their nights on the town, she has nailed the aesthetic of the Roaring Fork Valley—or rather, crafted it into silver and gold.

“I want people to be able to put on a pair of my earrings with a t-shirt and jeans, but keep them on later for an evening out,” Wussow says. “My goal is to create classic pieces you will turn to on a daily basis.”

It’s no surprise that Wussow understands her community and her clientele—she grew up in Glenwood Springs. Her jewelry career started in 2005, when she took a silversmithing class.

“As soon as I could use a torch, the designs just kept coming,” Wussow recalls.

Her work has evolved in the years since. She now offers pieces in several local shops and takes commissions and orders from around the country. Some of her favorite materials to work with?

“My all-time favorite is turquoise, but diamonds are up there, too,” she says. “As a custom jeweler I frequently have the chance to work with heirloom diamonds, maybe for an engagement ring commission or another kind of piece that is very personal and special.”

As her business continues to soar, Wussow says she is filled with gratitude for the support of her community.

“I am so thankful to be able to do what I feel like I’m called to do,” she adds. “My heart and soul are in every single piece.”