Roaring Fork Lifestyle strives to entertain you with local content. However, we also hope to inspire you by providing creative thoughts for your homes’ interiors, exteriors, and gardens.

Our features frequently offer creative decorating ideas, thoughts on how to maintain and preserve your home, and new design ideas that can help you better organize your space. All of these suggestions come from our local businesses, which provide their expert insights in order to give our readers something to really think about. Our hope is that the ideas shared are of such value that you will save past issues and refer to the articles again and again.

In this issue and in most issues moving forward, there will be an “Open House” feature focusing on design elements from local interior designers, architects, home builders, landscapers, and other professionals. We may even include specific household items (and where to buy them): everything from furnishings and window treatments to design accents or kitchen gadgets. Our goal is to keep introducing items about the home, for the home, and with the creative environment of the home in mind. Of course, the local sources are the very best part of these features. We have always said that Roaring Fork Lifestyle is about people like you, who build organizations and small businesses that make the Roaring Fork Valley a great place for your home, your sanctuary.

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