What’s your favorite sign of spring? I can never decide between the blossoming old fruit trees across the valley, the robins that march around looking for worms in my neighborhood, or the evanescent yellow of local dandelion fields that appear and disappear in a matter of days. Too many choices.

Although spring in the Rockies is often regarded as simply that muddy time between skiing and hiking, it remains the season of newness and rebirth. It’s a time to marvel at the stunning turns of nature as the world comes back to life, and a time to appreciate all that our mountains, rivers, flora, and fauna give us in return for a bit of mindfulness about how we treat them.

In this issue, and in celebration of the vernal season ahead, we check in with several locals who are putting sustainability and respect for nature at the top of their business models. Armed with big ideas and dreams of a greener valley, these leaders are truly passionate about making change—and their stories remind us that meaningful impact is possible through steadfast commitment to our values.

Happy spring!