Why you’re hurting:

The most common cause of muscle, nerve, and joint pain is overuse. Skiing, hiking, biking, exercise, and time at work add up. Your body can only handle so much. Gradually, your muscles build up adhesion. Adhesion acts like glue—limiting your flexibility and strength. Limited flexibility caused by adhesion is the most common and most under-diagnosed problem in the body, but with expert care, it’s also the most fixable problem.

+ Where can you get expert care?

Avail Soft Tissue & Spine is your valley expert for the diagnosis and treatment of adhesion. Since relocating to Glenwood Springs from Denver in August 2017, our goal has been to keep the valley active, healthy, and exploring the mountains. I train extensively to continually provide the best care possible, particularly because I have experienced numerous athletic injuries myself and understand that pain can be extremely limiting. As a results-based clinic we pride ourselves on offering a more thorough solution to your pain, specializing in cases that have failed with physical therapy, traditional chiropractic, and even surgery. We work hard, so injuries won’t limit your lifestyle.

+ Sustainable results:

Since limited flexibility is a primary cause of pain, we test, measure, and restore the most important ranges of motion. You can’t have a healthy body part with limited, difficult, or painful mobility. Fixing adhesion restores healthy mobility, reduces pain, and slows degeneration. Progress is measured during each visit with the goal of achieving easy, pain-free, full mobility of your body part. We strive to effectively fix your problem with sustainable results, so you can get back to doing what you love most: being active in our valley’s rich outdoor recreation community.

Dr. Adam Holen is a soft tissue specialist and certified full body Integrative Diagnosis℠ provider who offers high quality, non-surgical health care for the Roaring Fork Valley.