What does it mean to be a woman in 2018? It’s a question that can feel like a trick, because it’s one that has multiple, often contradictory answers.  

Although it’s up to each individual woman to determine her own personal truth, I believe that there are significant commonalities binding us together, even if we can’t always see them. No matter how different our chosen paths may seem, some things about us women will always remain true—and not the least of these is the power we possess when we lift each other up.

In this issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle, you’ll meet seven local women who are doing just that: lifting, helping, and inspiring others. Kenia Pinela is setting an example for the students she coaches, Leticia Ingram is building bridges between young people of different backgrounds, Kim Martin is empowering new mothers with breastfeeding knowledge, Angie Anderson is leading her all-female team to support local business owners, Lindsay Halsey and Lori Calcott are challenging the status quo as tech entrepreneurs, and Alice McKennis is fulfilling the ultimate dream of any Coloradan—or any American, for that matter—as an Olympic athlete.

We hope you’ll celebrate with us this month as we spotlight their achievements, and know that behind them there are countless other extraordinary women working to make our valley a better place.