Seven Women Who Inspire, Challenge, and Improve the Roaring Fork Valley

The Olympian

Alice McKennis

Alice McKennis became the valley’s sweetheart when she placed an amazing fifth in the Pyeongchang women’s downhill competition in February. Born in Glenwood and raised near New Castle, the World Cup ski racer and two-time Olympian began skiing as a toddler at Sunlight. After participating in local races growing up, she turned professional at age 20. Now 28, McKennis competes around the globe but still calls New Castle home. Of her recent Olympic experience, she says: “It’s hard to relate why competing at the Olympics feels different from other races, but representing my country and community was really special.”

The Teacher

Leticia Guzman Ingram

Building bridges is Leticia Ingram’s specialty. As an educator at Basalt High School, Ingram teaches English Language Development for newcomers in addition to Film as Literature classes. Exposing students to a wide range of cultural experiences—from travel abroad to hands-on learning with local organizations—is at the core of her teaching philosophy. For this reason and many others, Ingram has received numerous accolades including Colorado Teacher of the Year. “Education is the key to understanding each other,” she says. “Often we don’t truly hear each other’s voices, so if I can help be a student’s voice, that is my greatest aspiration.”

The Role Model

Kenia Pinela

Many young stars raised in the valley leave home for larger locales, but Kenia Pinela has stayed to let her light brighten the way for others. A Roaring Fork High School graduate and CMC education student, Pinela is also a youth basketball coach and a leader working with families through Valley Settlement. With graduate school now on her radar, Pinela’s path of excellence is an inspiration to those around her. “I have a passion for helping others, especially women and younger students,” she says. “It’s a great opportunity for me to give back to the community that helped raise me.”

The Milk Guru

Kim Martin

For 17 years, Kim Martin has helped thousands of local mothers and their babies learn how to breastfeed in the crucial first hours and days after birth. As the certified Lactation Coordinator at Valley View Hospital’s Family Birthplace, Martin provides not only education and practical advice for breastfeeding mothers but also the support they need to continue long after they return home. “I have learned so much from the mothers I interact with,” she says. “That’s what keeps me passionate about my work—constantly learning and being able to help empower women to provide this amazing gift for their children.”

The Hometown Ambassador

Angie Anderson

Growing up in Glenwood, Angie Anderson enjoyed the many treasures of the valley; little did she know that someday she would devote her career to singing its praises. Anderson began as an intern at the Chamber of Commerce in high school, and now works as its young new CEO. Anderson helps promote Glenwood to the outside world, but also champions the local businesses that are the lifeblood of its community. She says of the years ahead, “This is such an exciting time for our valley, and I’m grateful to be in a position to help make it even better.”

The Tech Entrepreneurs

Lindsay Halsey & Lori Calcott

Not-so-fun fact: According to recent studies, less than one in five U.S. tech startups are created by women. This means that Lindsay Halsey and Lori Calcott, founding partners of WebShine and WP SEO Hub, are blazing trails in both the valley and the nation. The women created the companies to help local businesses drive more website traffic, and are now reaching clients across the country. “It has been incredibly rewarding to start our own business,” Halsey says. “We’re in the thick of startup mode, still evolving, but we’ve built a strong and mighty team here in Basalt.”