What's the Big Idea? 3

Five Locals Who Are Thinking Outside the Box and Inspiring New Perspectives

Troy Casey

Few Centennial State brews have gained the international recognition or fervent cult following of those produced by Casey Brewing and Blending. Owner Troy Casey has put Glenwood Springs on the beer map by aging his product exclusively in oak wine barrels (a rare old-world method) and utilizing fresh Colorado ingredients. Casey’s creations have been honored with numerous prestigious awards, and visitors from around the world have attended his intimate tasting sessions in the brewery’s barrel cellar. “We just set out to make this style of beer in a place we love,” he says. “So the recognition has been humbling.”

Samuel Bernal

For the past decade, Samuel Bernal has managed Basalt’s award-winning Spanish-language radio station, La Tricolor. His work within the regional Latino community helps bring important daily information to thousands of locals, which in turn fosters connection and awareness across the valley. A New Castle resident and family man, Bernal is also a busy volunteer on the boards of English in Action, Ross Montessori School, and Mountain Family Health Centers. He says of community advocacy, “Everything you learn is something you can share with others; be the best person you can be, and do the most where you live.”

Craig Fowler

Craig Fowler is the first person in the world to complete the Triple Crowns of both hiking and bikepacking. After conquering the hiking portion (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail) over a number of years, the Carbondale resident finished the entire bikepacking triple (Tour Divide, Colorado Trail, and Arizona Trail) in 2017. Ultimately, the 11,602-mile adventure itself meant more to him than the finish. “The journey was a reminder that our passions are what make us unique, not just being ‘first’ in something,” Fowler says. “I hope to encourage others to follow their passions as well.”

Jonathan Satz

Colorado Mountain College’s Intercambio class is more than just a language exchange course; it’s a vital intersection of the English and Spanish speaking communities in the valley. What began as Jonathan Satz’s master’s thesis in 1996 has grown, with the help of many, into a nationally-recognized program that puts language learners of different backgrounds face-to-face in alternating teacher/student roles. Satz remains a classroom facilitator who has witnessed Intercambio’s deep local impact. “You cannot separate language and culture,” he says. “Friendships form, and we now have over 20 years of students who better understand each other’s perspective.”

Altai Chuluun

One of the most exciting initiatives bubbling in the valley is GlenX, founded by Altai Chuluun, which helps inspire local dreamers to put their ideas into action. GlenX operates a new coworking space in Carbondale’s Third Street Center, facilitates small business incubation and acceleration, hosts an annual high school career expo, and more. Alongside partners who’ve helped grow GlenX programs, Chuluun hopes to continue exploring how local entrepreneurs can be supported. “It is fulfilling to help impact others’ lives,” he says. “Things can be challenging here, so it’s important to think about how we can support each other’s growth.”