Mountain Fair’s 2018 Poster Contest Winner Shares Her Process

After throwing her hat in the ring for Mountain Fair’s annual poster and t-shirt design contest for years, Carbondale artist Bonnie Barker’s hard work paid off in 2018. With the festival theme of “Love Pollinator” in mind, Barker created her design with art nouveau-inspired florals, elegant femininity, and of course, the mighty honeybee. Of her passion for art Barker says, “Since I can remember, I’ve always had a brush in my hand. I am constantly finding new ways of self-expression and meditative practice through all forms of art.” For information about her design and the Mountain Fair schedule, visit

The completed poster is the result of a collaboration between Barker and Laura Stover, design and marketing specialist for Carbondale Arts. After Barker’s initial sketch was selected, Stover finessed the remaining details digitally. “It was fun to see how the finished product came to be,” Barker says. “We kept the vintage feel, which I have always been drawn to, and worked in my ideas on color.”

Before and After

Artist: Bonnie Barker

Before: Pencil sketch

After: Official poster with digital coloring